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A Shining Example

Hamilton & Inches diamonds are sourced with care and commitment, providing you with the very best, responsibly sourced natural gems.

Natural diamonds were formed billions of years ago, deep within the Earth’s crust when great heat and pressure caused the carbon atoms to crystallise. Every diamond is completely individual and undergoes an extensive cutting and polishing process to produce the exceptional diamonds used in Hamilton & Inches pieces.


The 4Cs of Diamonds


The cut of a diamond is often thought of as the diamond’s shape but refers to how well your diamond returns natural light and therefore how much sparkle it produces. A diamond cutter’s skill lies in maximising a stone’s natural brilliance.

Diamonds that have been cut to perfect proportions and have perfect symmetry will result in the return of a maximum amount of light; a rainbow of colours and fire. The quality of the cut directly affects how well your diamond will perform, how it sparkles and plays with the light. A diamond that has not been cut well will be dull and lifeless, only showing white light.

THE 4CS Colour

A diamond’s colour refers to the absence of colour. Diamonds with less colour are the rarest and most sought after. The highest grade of colour, D, will be void of all colour and pure. As you move down the colour scale, more yellow hues will be visible
within the diamond, detracting from its brilliance.

THE 4CS Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to the absence of internal characteristics, inclusions and external characteristics or blemishes that can impact on a diamond’s brilliance. The grading of clarity is based on the number, size, position and nature of these characteristics. An IF (Internally Flawless) diamond will be completely void of all internal inclusions. At the other end of the clarity scale, an I3 diamond will be very
heavily included.

THE 4CS Carat

Diamond carat weight refers to the weight of a diamond, not the size as it is sometimes thought. One carat is equal to a fifth of a gram and each carat is divided up into 100 ‘points’. It is the combined 4Cs that determine the value of a diamond, not just the carat weight of the diamond.

Beautiful Diamond Shapes

Diamond shape refers to the geometric appearance of a diamond. Diamond shapes are categorised into two separate groups - either round diamonds or fancy shape diamonds.
The most traditional shape is round brilliant cut diamond. Fancy shape diamonds refers to any diamond that is not a round brilliant. At Hamilton & Inches, we’ll help you find the perfect diamond, whatever shape you are looking for.

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