Andrew Teden - A Cherished Friend and Colleague

It was with great sadness that on June 26th, 2020, we said goodbye to our cherished friend and colleague, Andrew Teden.

Over 20 years ago, Andrew became part of the Hamilton & Inches story, bringing with him profound experience having served his time in some of the world’s greatest jewellery houses, including Garrard, Asprey New York and Theo Fennell.  This experience, coupled with Andrew’s charisma meant he was instantly liked by all and through time, he became invaluable to the H&I team and clients alike.  

We all revelled in his wonderful humour.  Even on the busiest days, there would be a shared inside joke, or a prank up his sleeve.  But it was his pragmatic and considered support that we will all miss the most. Andrew keenly felt the concerns of others and was quick to offer a friendly ear.  More often than not, a curative beer at a local establishment or champagne at the Rolex bar was his recommended remedy, and few refused.

Despite his prominence on the sales floor, Andrew was never one to boast and did not consider himself a talented salesman. He often cited “I just like to talk to people”.  This humble outlook was perhaps his greatest quality.   His client’s needs were his highest priority and his careful attention earned him significant reverence by those he served. Andrew regarded his clients as his friends, and when that sentiment was reciprocal, he shared his immense pride only with those closest to him. 

He did however, boast of his greatest achievement, his loving family.  He was first and foremost a proud husband to Mhari-Louise and father to Lillie, Lou Lou and Freddie, all of whom will forever remain part of our family and in our hearts.

Andrew Teden was our Head of Sales in title, achievement and character.  In time, our grief will fade and we will find enormous joy in the many happy times we have all had the privilege to share with him.  The memory of his quick wit, integrity and kind, generous spirit will remain, forever, with us all.

Rest in peace, treasured companion.