Since 1707, Fortnum & Mason has been home to unforgettable gifts, occasions, food and drink. With 313 Christmases under their belt, their iconic hampers are a festive staple, and we are incredibly proud to announce our partnership ahead of a Christmas like no other.

Fortnum met Mason in 1707, when he arrived in London as a high-class builder. Taking post as Footman in Queen Anne’s household, Fortnum found himself in need of a home and was warmly received by Hugh Mason, landlord of a store and small lodgings in St James Market. Ever the entrepreneur, William Fortnum quickly discovered a fantastic business opportunity through his work at the palace, using left over wax from the Royal residence to create a secret side-line business with Mason, where the pair worked behind the scenes to re-sell the leftover wax for a profit. The rest is a 314-long history.

From humble beginnings, Fortnum & Mason went on to devour the London scene, offering portable food for long distance journeys, a letterbox service, tinned goods, exotic edibles and more. In 1902, the dynamic company was charged with bringing King Edward VII the “finest tea in all of the land”. True to their exacting standards, they delivered - following a worldwide hunt to find the best of the best. The result was a beautiful blend of Assam from India and Flowery Pekoe from Sri Lanka: The Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend.

In 2021, the iconic brand continues to offer the finest of luxury goods, hampers, confectionary and more. As an institution with a similar ethos, longevity and passion for quality craft, we have worked with the beloved company to offer a range of hand-crafted jewellery displayed in their London flagship store. A fellow Royal Warrant Holder, we look forward to growing our partnership and announce some exciting developments in the year ahead.

Find out more about Fortnum & Mason; their history, products and more, on their website.