An Extraordinary Anniversary

This year 154 years since Hamilton & Inches opened its doors. May 28th 1866 saw the beginnings of a business that, today, is much more than just a jeweller or silversmiths. Established by Robert Kirk Inches and his Uncle, James Hamilton, Hamilton & Inches became synonymous with offering the finest treasures of jewellery and silverware and became an advocate for safeguarding the future of craft in Scotland – something we passionately continue to this day. 

The ambition of two men created a Scottish institution that has not only thrived but has evolved to become the much-loved multigenerational jeweller you know today. Beyond business aspirations, the Hamilton Inches family were stalwarts of the Edinburgh community, making their mark in politics, sport and medicine.

In 1903, Kirk Inches co-founded the Edinburgh Association of Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Watchmakers. He was prominent in public work, in and out of the town council, sitting on boards of the Gas Commission, Heriot Trust, Heriot-Watt College (now University) and the board of management of the newly established Edinburgh College of Art. He was also a prominent figure in calling for radical improvements to the Reformatory system for juvenile offenders in Scotland. In 1912, he achieved his greatest accolade, elected as the Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

Kirk Inches strived for the good of society; understanding how the next generation could achieve more if they had opportunities open to them. In 2020, when businesses are now far more often measured on how they benefit society as well as shareholders, the ethos of Hamilton & Inches is more relevant than ever. We pride ourselves on the continuous development of all our staff, offering some of the finest training, mentoring and apprenticeship schemes in the country.

Whilst this anniversary may be markedly different than the rest, we are proud to continue the legacy of these two men. Despite the current challenges we all face, hard work has continued behind the scenes to ensure that for the next 154 years, Hamilton & Inches can provide the first-class service we are so proud of. We will continue to do the right thing for our team and the longevity of the business, even if that means refusing the easy, quick or low-cost option. We will continue to use lessons learned from our past to shape our future.

This anniversary may, given the Covid-19 pandemic, may be subdued, but the people, talent and wonderful stories that make up the fabric of our very special company continue to flourish. By honouring our history, reputation, and skills, we now look to embrace our future and the next chapter in the unique story of Hamilton & Inches.