Whilst we have an array of precious items on display, both online and in our Edinburgh showroom, many of the pieces of treasure we create remain hidden; privately crafted for clients and companies alike.

Throughout our 155 year history, our talented craftspeople have created breathtaking objects; from an intricate presentation key for the Royal Infirmary, made in around 1887 to the Doddie Weir Cup in 2018. These items are our absolute pride and joy and now we are looking to bring some of them home.

In March 2021, we will host an extensive Celebrating Our Craft exhibition as part of our showroom regeneration project. The in-store presentation will not only celebrate old artefacts and past projects but the talent of a team who have helped to mark many a memorable moment. 

Whilst much of the work we have produced continues to be celebrated today, many items remain hidden from sight, their beauty shown to only a few. With a history of craft spanning over 150 years, the exhibition will not only allow members of the public to see some incredible artefacts first hand, but allow us to go on a treasure hunt - finding items that we have created in our workshops throughout with by our master craftspeople.

As champions of sustainability, this showcase will celebrate the ancient and glorious skills of our team, skills that we are keen to foster and protect. This exhibition will help shine a light on the work they do and how important their role is in allowing a rare craft to continue throughout Scotland.


Doddie with the team our team

To help curate the Celebrating Our Craft exhibition, we need your help. If you, or someone you know, has commissioned a bespoke item which could feature in the showcase, please get in touch. Perhaps the item was created as a token of love or handed down as an heirloom. We would love to hear your story.

Please email us at hello@hamiltonandinches.com with details and images of the piece.