Chase the #SilverTrail

The Scottish Gallery, Hamilton & Inches and Bonhams join forces for the unique event: 'Chasing Silver: From Maker to Masterpiece.'

The highlight of the collaboration is the design, creation and auction of the #AshBeaker – a silver beaker jointly commissioned by the three businesses. Designed by Grant McCaig, Scottish silversmith and jeweller, the beaker will be handcrafted and chased in the Hamilton & Inches workshops before being auctioned by Bonhams in aid of the Scottish charity It’s Good 2 Give, which supports young cancer patients and their families.

The Celtic mythology surrounding the protective qualities of the ash tree inspired the design, which is all the more significant given It’s Good 2 Give is currently undertaking a project to build a £1m forest respite retreat in The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. A second, final beaker of this design is also being made and will be donated to National Museums Scotland as part of its permanent silver collection.

Chase The #Silvertrail | Sat 28 Nov 10.00 – 16.00

The Scottish Gallery – Begin your day here with contemporary silver designer Grant McCaig, discuss the design for the #AshBeaker and view an exhibition of his work.

Hamilton & Inches – Move on to our silver workshops to see highly skilled craftsmen at work and the beaker being donated to the National Museum of Scotland.

Bonhams – Complete the journey here where you can view the #AshBeaker. Visitors will also be able to see the forthcoming silver auction and a short lecture on silver.

Invisible by Sara Sheridan

Sara Sheridan‘s beautiful sestude inspired by the silver #AshBeaker, created for auction in aid of Scottish charity It’s Good 2 Give.

“Like a pulse, her bones, beneath the earth, where the road rises. Buried 1000 years. Dead, an elder, at 26. Her children nursed her, raising cup to lip, silver for the open sores and bark from the goddess tree. None of it left. The hospital now lies where the ash copse grew, so much unseen still. Radiowaves. Hope. Faith in the future.”

The auction of the #AshBeaker will take place at 9.50am on Wednesday 2nd December 2015 at Bonhams, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Photos courtesy of Bonhams.