By Crystal So, Showroom Manager

As we sat under the stars in the south of France sipping tea, my boyfriend presented me with an exquisite silver tray covered in rose petals and my favourite Ladurée Macarons – he knows the way to my heart. But when he got down on one knee and presented me with an engagement ring, I was the happiest I had ever been. That moment stays with you for life; the surroundings, the moment, the love…all brought back when I glance down at my finger. That night, I smiled so hard my face hurt. 

That is the wonder of jewellery, particularly engagement rings – they are designed to bring joy and symbolise complete devotion. It is so wonderful that my job helps me be part of so many love stories.

I have been the showroom manager at Hamilton & Inches for almost two years and continue to marvel at the benefits that come from having our workshops directly above us. The best things come from collaboration; having the experience and expertise of over twenty people, working together to achieve one aim, cannot be underestimated. It truly makes Hamilton & Inches unique.

The Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection is the result of creators, jewellery experts, diamond selectors and more coming together to create something truly beautiful. When the range launched in Summer last year, it was the first hand-crafted engagement collection in the company’s 154-year history, something I am immensely proud to be a part of. 

I have been fascinated with jewellery from a young age, working in several prestigious jewellers in Scotland prior to joining Hamilton & Inches. The allure of belonging to a company that crafts its own jewellery and silverware cannot be denied. We create things that are unique, beautiful and made to be cherished for a lifetime. 

With a passion for diamond jewellery, I was incredibly lucky to be involved in the design process of the Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection. My background has taught me the elements of a ring that appeal to our clients; from the shape of the claw to the soft taper of the shoulder – created to allow the diamond maximum exposure to light and shine ever more brightly. To be able to use my experience to develop the collection is so special.  

Being involved in every step of the creation process allows me to share the origins of each ring with our customers. To pass on glimpses of their formation adds a layer of richness; to show the beautiful sketches created by Jenna, her inspiration taken from our city. To be able to explain why the position of the claw matters, why the creation of the H&I Bridge is so important and why our collection is completely different from any other. 

The quality of the diamond is as important as the design. We use only D-colour gemstones with the very best clarity and carat weight. Expertly sourced by our specialist stock department, only the finest of stones have been used. 

Which ring would I pick? My personal favourite is the four-claw solitaire with diamond set shoulders. The design of the ring compliments the diamond so beautifully, the hand-crafted talon claws displaying it in such a perfect way. Of course, everyone's taste is individual; it is my job to match the perfect ring to the perfect proposal.

My ring is a constant reminder of my love. It is my most treasured and most worn item – it makes me feel special. That is the aim of the Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection; to make the lucky person wearing our ring feel the same magic I did in France. 

The Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection is now available to explore in our showroom and online. Contact us to find out more or book an appointment and allow our expert team to help you select the perfect ring to symbolise your love.