High above George Street, overlooking rooftops is a secret part of the city not many get to see, Jenna Watson has been hard at work. As Hamilton & Inches’ youngest goldsmith, she has spent the past few years of her life working with master H&I jewellers to turn her natural talent into magnificent craftsmanship.

At twenty-seven years of age, Jenna and the H&I goldsmiths were given the task of designing the new Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection; the first hand-crafted range of engagement and wedding rings the company has made in its 154-year history. The brief was not an easy one; create a collection of rings that are designed to be worn everyday yet look elegant – strong yet delicate – the ultimate contradiction. 

Working alongside the wider team, Jenna began to explore the engineering of beautiful buildings designed to last; Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Bridge and Queensferry Crossing, the Sir Walter Scott Monument - each of these constructions has strength of structure at their core, standing strong for centuries, yet all have elements of fragility and elegance. 

An engagement ring  is created to be worn, to still sparkle through the wear of everyday life. Therefore the architecture of the ring was the most important consideration for the team. The culmination of research and collaboration with the wider team resulted in the creation of the H&I Bridge; the ultimate supporting structure showcasing superior diamonds in their full glory.

Whilst every ring had to be robust, their beauty is what makes them desirable and an iconic representation of romance. Jenna spent time exploring the symbol of love over centuries and what elements were required to create a flawless engagement ring.

As Jenna’s research developed, she became drawn to the tulip, a historic symbol of perfect devotion. Not only did the flower embrace complete elegance, the tulip-inspired setting with delicate tapered shoulders created a beautiful framework. 

This framework was crafted to showcase the carefully selected D coloured diamond, the rings’ crowning glory. D colour diamonds are exceptionally rare and beautiful, chosen for their intense brilliance and fire achieved by the lack of colour within the gemstone. This purity allows the diamond to shine brightly, atop a ring that embodies the ultimate blend of strength and elegance.

Once the design phase was complete, the team went on to create the first prototypes of each ring, all tested for endurance and brilliance. The resulting Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection has been crafted to achieve the highest standards of quality and beauty. 

The Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection is a labour of love; the culmination of our teams’ expertise and skill. The passion and dedication of the Hamilton & Inches team is unparalleled. That is what makes the Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection so special; it has been created for love, with love. 

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