Discover the Magic of Christmas at Hamilton & Inches

Behind the door of 87 George Street lies a hidden magical treasure trove like no other. Emeralds, crystal, rubies, and gold glisten; the showroom softly murmuring as it comes to life each morning, ready to welcome guests in from the cold.

Hamilton & Inches has been a recognised luxury brand in Edinburgh since 1866. Above the showroom, 150 years of artisanal experience culminates in our award-winning craft team, their unique skills passed down through generations. Our jewellers, hand-engravers, silversmiths and polishers are busy all year round, crafting items of exceptional beauty; each item they create stamped with their individual personality and style.

The rabbit warren of workshops our craftspeople call home is the beating heart of the business - the smells and sounds unlike any other; hints of wood, bursts of fire from the forge, the tang of metal…little changed since the original makers began crafting all those years ago.

The traditional wooden bench of each artisan is set exactly to their preference; a beautiful array of tools – hammers, torches, engravers, needle files and more – comfortably ready to create works of art. Every nook and cranny of the workshop holds treasures each with a story; from a half-finished trophy to a pair of hand-engraved cufflinks for an esteemed client, from a silver mace for a world-famous ceremony to the intricate detailing of a bespoke ring in 22ct Scottish gold. To craft pieces so beautiful is a rare and highly prized skillset. The workshops shimmer with excitement and magic; a magic that spreads out throughout every part of Hamilton & Inches. 

Our service department are responsible for the care and restoration of much-loved watches, pieces of jewellery and silverware. Working closely with the workshops, their privileged position sees them restore beautiful items to their former glory; our expert services manager and valuer becoming part of the rich history of, often, priceless items. 

All this magic goes on behind the scenes, but the showroom team are responsible for bringing the wonderful workings of Hamilton & Inches together. You only need to spend a minute or two with them to be enthralled by their knowledge, passion and dedication to their profession. Whether you are interested in the inner workings of a Patek Philippe or to understand the complex cut of a diamond, the team are masters of their rare craft. This festive season, they are on hand to help you select the perfect gift, whatever your budget. The beauty of the unique pieces on offer at Hamilton & Inches can be given an extra touch of magic with a personalised message, initials and more. The work of our exceptional hand-engravers can turn an already precious work of art into something entirely bespoke; their work can be seen in many items on display online and in our showroom. 

The magic of Hamilton & Inches is set to be given a new lease of life with our exciting restoration project in January 2021. Restoring the showroom to its former glory, we will see our extensive range of items being shown in a light befitting their immense worth, whilst still paying homage to our listed Georgian fixtures. Breathing life into the building will add a new layer of magic; sparkling lights, displays and windows showing each special item in all its glory. It will protect our wonderful building, keeping its treasures safe for the next 150 years.

Magic is not something that can be created overnight. It comes with precious heritage, passion and love – things we pride ourselves on. When Robert Kirk Inches and James Hamilton first opened the doors of the business on the 28th May 1866, we must wonder if they realised how magical the company would be 154 years later.