Hamilton & Inches Helps Craft the Next Generation

We are delighted to have helped further the future of craftsmanship in Scotland by continuing to invest in apprenticeships and training. Jenna Watson, Paul Kirkos and Dario Batzella have successfully passed a series of traineeships and apprenticeships, recognised at the Edinburgh Assay Office - part of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths - in early February.

At a ceremony held in central Edinburgh, overseen by Deacon Tom Murray, Assay Master Scott Walter praised the accolades of the three students, saying,

“The dedication and time spent honing a craft cannot be underestimated. Since 1457, we have recognised the very highest of workmanship and are proud to see a future generation dedicated to keeping such unique crafts alive in Scotland.”

The awards saw Jenna Watson complete her traineeship within the goldsmith workshop where she developed her unique skillset under a Master Jeweller. Dario Batzella, having studied at the Italian Mint in Rome, achieved his traineeship in engraving within the silver workshop, overseen by Master Engraver Ruaridh Malcomson. Finally, Paul Kirkos, guided by his father Panos Kirkos, our Master Silversmith, completed his five-year apprenticeship in silversmithing and chasing. Paul’s training was supported by both the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

The three students have already made an impact, designing award-winning pieces and creating exciting new collections including contributing to the world’s first collection of 22ct Scottish Gold fine jewellery. Their achievements help demonstrate commitment to showcasing Scottish craftsmanship as well as highlighting the importance of provenance and sustainability in the jewellery and silverware industry.

Jonathan Payne, Former Managing Director (2020), commented,

“Investing in our people is of huge importance to us. We are fortunate to have such a vast wealth of talent in our workshops and are committed to the ongoing development of such unique skill sets. Our craft is precious to us; these significant achievements not only strengthen Hamilton & Inches identity but help keep traditional techniques alive in Scotland.”

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