A Moment in World Time with Patek Philippe

In celebration of our 150th anniversary, President of Patek Philippe Thierry Stern and Chief Executive of Hamilton & Inches, Stephen Paterson unveiled the Patek Philippe World Time Special Series Ref. 5130P-029 to an invited audience at the National Museum of Scotland on the evening of Thursday 22 September.

Based on the World Time Ref. 5130, the timepiece has a self-winding mechanical movement, as well as a 24-hour and day/night indication for the 24 time zones. It is through the aesthetic details of this exquisite timepiece that Scotland’s jewellery house is so beautifully captured and reflected.

The guilloche sunburst dial is in Hamilton & Inches purple, as is the stitching on the black alligator strap. Where the GMT time zone is usually marked by London, it has been replaced by Edinburgh. The platinum case is also engraved on the back to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Hamilton & Inches.

This exceptional timepiece is presented in a bespoke wooden case which bears a silver plaque with the Hamilton & Inches crest. Each watch has an accompanying pair of matching Patek Philippe white gold cufflinks. It will be available by private appointment at 87 George Street, alongside the Patek Philippe Exhibition Collection which will be showcased for the first time in Edinburgh this year.

Stephen Paterson, Chief Executive of Hamilton & Inches, said: “The unveiling of The Patek Philippe World Time is truly a remarkable moment in this most special of years. It is our shared heritage in design, craft and quality which has allowed our relationship to culminate in this historic horological piece. We are also excited and privileged to share the Exhibition Collection with our valued customers.”