#StyleYourWay with H&I

Handcrafted in our workshops, our popular Chain Link Collection is absolutely synonymous with us here at H&I. Our Head of Jewellery, Debbie McKernan beautifully shows us how versatile our 40" Silver Square Chain necklace is, taking you from day to evening and always looking perfectly put together. Let us show us you five different ways to style the Silver Chain necklace. https://youtu.be/9auYRWDT2PE
Style 1 - Long
#StyleYourWay - Long Take the toggle and place it through one of the small squares at the end of the chain. Then place the chain around your neck. This look is perfect for the office and your new dress.
Style 2 - Double
#StyleYourWay Double Row Take one end of the necklace, not the toggle end and wrap this around neck. Take the longer end and wrap again. You can adjust the rows to suit you. Perfect for your new top.
Style 3 - Lariat
#StyleYourWay 3 Take the necklace and wrap the middle around your neck, make sure the two ends are at the front are equal length. Then take the toggle and place it in one of the squares near the bottom. Great if your going to a meeting.
Style 4 - Belt
#StyleYourWay 4 Take the Silver Chain necklace and wrap it low around your waist and take the toggle and place it through one of the small square where it meets your waist. Perfect when you need to go from day to evening.
Style 5 - Choker
#StyleYourWay No 5 Take the necklace and drape it around your neck with toggle at the back. You can adjust this look depending how long you would like the necklace to hang down your back. This look is perfect for the evening. Now take one of our beautiful Silver Chain necklaces and style it your way. #StyleYourWay
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Thank you to Photography - Susie Lowe Hair - McGills Hairdressing Make - Bobbi Brown Edinburgh