The Hamilton & Inches Christmas Gift Guide For Men

With Christmas around the corner, it can often be hard to buy for the men in your life. At Hamilton & Inches, we are proud of the unique and sustainable gift offering we offer. From hand-crafted silverware to a wide selection of cufflinks and jewellery, every item requires a team of exceptional showroom staff and workshop team to source, create and sell. Discover our 2021 men’s gift recommendations for a Christmas like no other.

Ginkgo Cufflinks

Our new collection, Ginkgo, features designs inspired by our showroom art installation visible above our exquisite diamond bar. Inspired by the Ginkgo tree native to Japan these cufflinks, crafted from sterling silver, feature a fanned Ginkgo leaf, symbolising beauty, longevity and profound endurance. Designed by trainee silversmith Ruth Page, they are a perfect Christmas gift for a gent looking for a smart touch to finish their formal attire.

Ginkgo Cufflinks in Sterling Silver, £95

Cumbria Crystal Thistle Whisky Tumbler

A cut exclusive to Hamilton & Inches, our two thistle whisky tumblers are crafted by Cumbria Crystal and offer a luxurious way to enjoy a dram. As part of a set, you can also enjoy a matching decanter, highball glasses, wine glasses and more. In our collection, we also offer a range of crystal cuts including the highly sought after Grasmere, used in Casino Royale.

Cumbria Crystal Thistle Whisky Tumbler (Small), £88

Cumbria Crystal Thistle Whisky Tumbler (Large), £98

Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Whisky Tumbler (Small), £85

Red Deer Statue in Sterling Silver

Ideal for dressing a party table or to take pride of place in a living room or study, this exceptional model of a Scottish red deer has been crafted from sterling silver. Perfect for adding a touch of Scotland to a home.

Red Deer Statue in Sterling Silver, £2,100

Signet Ring

Perfect for displaying a family crest, initials or personalised mark, the Hamilton & Inches collection of signet rings are fashioned from 9ct gold. Traditionally gifted for an 18th or 21st birthday, the ring type has grown in popularity over the past two years, making it an ideal gift.

Collection of H&I Signet Rings, Various

H&I Collection of Pre-Owned Watches

The Hamilton & Inches collection of pre-owned watches changes regularly. Featuring brands including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tudor and more, discover our exceptional range of pre-owned watches each including a two year guarantee. With varying price points, discover watches including a Hamilton American Classic Jazzmaster GMT.

Pre-Owned Watches, Various

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