The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time: A Reinterpreted Timeless Classic

An exciting new addition has been added to the Patek Philippe watch family in the form of Ref. 7234G-001, the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time; a timepiece that draws inspiration from the brand’s aviator watches of the 1930s.

A reinterpreted timeless classic, the timepiece incorporates a highly acclaimed five-year old design merged beautifully with exceptional complications; dual time zone mechanism indicating local and home time, local and home day/night indication in apertures and local date by hand.

Although inspired by the classic aviator watches of the golden thirties, the timepiece takes on a fresh modern feel with the addition of large white numerals and luminous hands, contrasting beautifully with a dark blue varnished dial. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, the contrast also offers optimised legibility and, since the design was introduced to the Patek Philippe family in 2015, has had huge acclaim.

Paying tribute to the aviation pioneers and their incredible aerial conquests, the manufacturer was keen to reinterpret the typical siderometer architecture, and, patented in 1959 and 1996, a two-pusher Travel Time mechanism was created. Incredibly easy to use, travellers simply need to press the pushers to move local time forward or back an hour at a time. The date will also synchronise accordingly.  The timepiece is a beautifully practical solution for regular, busy travellers of a modern era.

The Ref. 7234G-001 takes its rightful place in an incredibly desirable family of watches. With a case diameter of 37.5mm, it is ideal for feminine wrists or for men who prefer a somewhat smaller timepiece. Sitting alongside the exceptionally beautiful 7234R-001 in rose gold with brown lacquered dial, both watches have all the technical mastery associated with Patek Philippe’s excellence.

The watch is a time travelling masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the needs of the great aviation pioneers of the 30s and translating them to the 21st century. The result is an exceptional timepiece, beautifully crafted, that is a perfect aid for the person on the move.

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