The Sentiment of Jewellery

By Roseanna Preston-Jones, Senior Sales Consultant

When we think of jewellery, we imagine something precious, innate in value due to materials of metal and stone. Yet something more lures us to it; something altogether more soulful, surpassing mere physical traits. 

To adorn oneself in jewellery or to have it presented as a gesture of love, devotion or affection, symbolises a moment in time of significance. When we handle a delicate pendant in our fingertips and gently glide them along the finely crafted chain, we are often taken back to what it represents – a point in time, a memory of joy. It transcends time, passed on into our future yet perfectly preserved from our past.

During trying times, our focus often shifts to what is truly important. The sentiment within our jewellery is made even more prominent – it helps give us strength. Our wedding bands symbolise the unity and power of family. The worn friendship bracelet that is a slightly faded, yet a cheerful reminder of our extended circle and fun and carefree days; it symbolises the support we have for each other, in good times and in bad.

Jewellery has the power to lift us – the diamonds studs that were bought to celebrate career success, the reminder of perseverance and indestructible strength. They shine bright,  never fading, they endure.

Our jewellery box is a time capsule of emotions. Family heirlooms jostled next to personal splurges, fashion pieces and beads; life’s jumble, glimpses of a time before, during and days to come.

When we face times like these, the appreciation for what we have regains significance. We have the time pause, to re-discover our personal objects, to appreciate them, to be grateful for them, to care for them, to hold them, enjoy them and to wear them. We remember what they symbolise, the people who gave us them and how they help capture a moment in our memories. 

As I wear my Hamilton & Inches chain link necklace at home, I think of the love and care of a team I am so proud to be part of. Each of us playing a part, from our craftsmen, George hand-forging each link, David finishing the silver, the care of our polisher, Colin, the final checks of perfection from Jen in our stock team, the beauty of Robert’s jewellery display, the careful gift wrap by Sarah… All of us part of this chain, a personal reminder that we are connected, our links are strong and will continue to be strong, together.

Our jewelleries’ value goes beyond the gold and the silver. What they hold and what will always remain is love and sentiment, shared and celebrated.