We are delighted to host a pop-up event for Scotland’s Elements festival. Organised by the Scottish Goldsmiths Trust in partnership with Lyon & Turnbull Auctioneers, the festival is an annual celebration of leading UK Jewellers and Silversmiths. 

The pop-up exhibition is taking place at our recently renovated showroom and is running from the 14th until the 17th of October. It will showcase three, world-class, craft makers and will shine a spotlight on their expert, handcrafted designs.

Attendees will also have the chance to meet the makers, who will exhibit a variety of eye-catching, elegant and contemporary designs. Specifically, Hamilton & Inches will showcase the intricate fineries of Michelle Currie, Alice Fry and Sheila McDonald.

Their designs will be available to purchase in store and any commission made on behalf of Hamilton & Inches will be donated to the Scottish Goldsmith Trust, continuing our focus to support both established and emerging artisans.

The Elements pop-up exhibition is exemplary of our commitment to sustaining craft in Scotland as well as its dedication to supporting the careers of craft makers.

Victoria Houghton, our CEO, said: “The Element’s pop-up exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for us to highlight the importance of craft and craftmanship in the UK. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in the recent refurbishment of our showroom and workshops and, with craftmanship being the pinnacle of our operations, we are proud to support these craft makers and their beautifully diverse creations.”

Find out more about our Elements pop up.