Jewellery Alterations

Whether your jewellery needs altering, updating or has become damaged or suffered from wear and tear, our specialist teams are able to assist with a variety of jewellery repair and alteration services. Our skilled jewellers, gemmologists and silversmiths, operating from our workshops on George Street, can help restore your much-loved items to their former glory. 

Ring Resizing

It is important that your ring should be comfortable to wear; not too loose nor too tight as it is often one of the most precious things you will own as is an infinite symbol of love. 

Our approach to ring resizing depends on how much it needs to be altered and what works best for you. If your ring needs to decrease or increase in size, our jewellers will remove a small piece of the band or add in material and expertly join the pieces together. The ring will then be carefully hand-polished, so no visible marks are left on the band.

There are limits as to how far a ring can be resized without causing damage to the settings, so it is important to discuss your requirements with our expert Service team who will be able to give you the best possible advice for you and your jewellery.

If you purchased your ring from Hamilton & Inches, then your first ring resizing is free of charge within 90 days of purchase.  

Ring sizing starts from £80 and prices are available upon request.

Claw Re-tipping and Stone Replacement

Jewellery that is worn regularly such as engagement and eternity rings are subject to wear and tear. Over time the stones, or supporting claws, can become damaged or loose and require restoration to keep them looking their best and to protect the integrity of your jewellery.

The process of repairing – or re-tipping – a claw, requires our jewellers to build up the metal ensuring the stones are held securely. A simple re-tipping service can transform your ring, making it look as good as new and makes sure it is safe and secure for everyday wear. Claw re-tipping is most often done to rings, as they are prone to more daily usage, but almost any piece of jewellery can be restored in this way.

If any stones have been damaged or have fallen out of your jewellery, we can offer a stone matching service to ensure colour and grade consistency. Prior to any work taking place, you are welcomed to examine the proposed stone to ensure you are happy with the selection. We understand that losing a precious stone is can be very upsetting so we will work with you to find the very best replacement. We will ensure the item is fully inspected, safeguarding any new or existing stone, before work commences.

Replacing a lost or damaged stone can be costly, so it is important to regularly maintain your jewellery. Our team can advise on any damage to your ring and offer a complimentary clean and check.

Claw re-tipping prices start at £135.00 for platinum, £145 for yellow gold and £173 for white gold​​.

If you would like to find out more about claw re-tipping or stone replacement, please get in touch with us

Pearl Re-Stringing

Pearl jewellery by its very nature is particularly delicate and so care must be taken when wearing and storing it. Simply wearing your pearls will expose the silk string to abrasion and stretching. If you find that your pearl jewellery is in need of repair, we offer a high-quality pearl re-stringing, cleaning and repair service to keep them in good condition. 

We can re-string both cultured and freshwater pearls and, upon inspection, can advise of any work that needs to be done to safeguard them for the future, such as the security of the clasp they are strung on. Remember, you should always store pearl jewellery by itself to avoid any damage to the surface of the pearl. You should also store them flat, rather than hanging them to reduce stretching the string.

We recommend having your pearl re-strung every two to three years. 

Retipping starts at £135.00 for platinum, £145 for yellow gold and £173 for white gold.

Restringing starts at £30.00 for bracelets, and £50.00 per strand for necklaces

Clasp or Link Repairs

The point at which the clasp joins the necklace or bracelet is often the most vulnerable. We offer clasp and link repair or replacement, to any item of jewellery. Our expert jewellers can repair a broken chain or create a new clasp or catch, ensuring that your precious item is as good as new. 

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