Pearl Restringing

Pearl jewellery by its very nature is particularly delicate and so care must be taken when wearing and storing it. Simply wearing your pearls will expose the silk string to abrasion and stretching. If you find that your pearl jewellery is in need of repair, we offer a high-quality pearl re-stringing, cleaning and repair service to keep them in good condition. 

We can re-string both cultured and freshwater pearls and, upon inspection, can advise of any work that needs to be done to safeguard them for the future, such as the security of the clasp they are strung on. Remember, you should always store pearl jewellery by itself to avoid any damage to the surface of the pearl. You should also store them flat, rather than hanging them to reduce stretching the string.

We recommend having your pearl re-strung every two to three years. 

Retipping starts at £135.00 for platinum, £145 for yellow gold and £173 for white gold.

Restringing starts at £30.00 for bracelets, and £50.00 per strand for necklaces.