Silver Jewellery Cleaning & Repairs

Caring for Silver 

Over time, silver naturally tarnishes dependent on how often the item is used and the conditions it is exposed to. As oxygen, sunlight and even wool can naturally dull silver over time, it is important to regularly care for your items.

Whilst silver can be effectively cleaned with fairy liquid and warm water and polished with a lint-free flannel or other soft cloth, to keep your much-loved items in the best condition we can assist with the professional cleaning and polishing of your jewellery or silverware. 

Repair of Silver Items

Our silversmiths are one of the busiest teams at Hamilton & Inches, putting their expertise to good use via the creation and repair of much-loved silverware and jewellery. Should the repair be a simple one, we carry out the job quickly and effectively, restoring your item to its former glory. For larger jobs, we will thoroughly inspect the piece and provide a thorough quote ahead of time.