Watch Servicing And Repairs In Edinburgh

Man Servicing a Watch

As you would expect from a business with over 150 years’ experience as specialist watchmakers, we offer high-quality watch service and repairs. Our specialist in-house watchmakers take pride in craftsmanship and offer bespoke services and repairs for Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and Cartier watches. 

All repairs are professionally carried out at our Rolex authorised service centre and our team are exclusively trained to carry out all repairs. They are on hand to help with everything from a watch strap adjustment to a full service and each is sensitively and professionally carried out at our secure specialist workshop.

How to know if your watch needs a service or repair

At one time or another, your watch will need either service or repair in its life. Oftentimes, this will be because your watch is not running well or on time, or it has suffered damage that needs expert repair. 

While the general rule of thumb is getting your watch serviced every two to five years, there are many factors that can contribute to your watch requiring service or repair earlier or more frequently. How often you wear your watch and the conditions in which you are wearing it will affect its everyday functions and wearability. 

For example, if you have a deep diving watch and are submerging it into the water every weekend, then five years is the maximum time you should wait to get your watch serviced, not the minimum. If you frequently wear perfume or lotions, then your leather strap will be more prone to wear and damage. If you’ve lost weight, then you’ll probably need a few links taken out of your bracelet. Whatever you need, you can get in touch with our experts at any time for help and advice on when to get your watch serviced and also the specific servicing or repair it may need. 

Person Servicing a Watch

Types of watch servicing offered at Hamilton & Inches 

No matter the issue, big or small, we can offer it all. Whether you need something as small as a watch strap adjustment, or a full watch service that will bring it back to showroom standards, as official Rolex and Patek Philippe repair experts, you can ensure your cherished watch will be in safe hands with us. 

Read on to see some of the services we can carry out.

Watch overhaul

A watch overhaul is your watch’s first inspection and will assess the extent of the repair and service necessary.

Watch Battery replacement 

Battery replacement and reseal prices start from £50 and depend on the watch brand and model. 

Watch Cleaning 

To properly clean your watch, it will be taken apart into its individual components so everything can be given a thorough polish and clean. The utmost care is taken and specific machines and tools are used on the different parts of your watch. 

Watch Strap replacement 

We can change and repair both leather and metal straps at any point in your watch’s life. 

Watch Case repair

A complete case repair is also part of our service. This includes both maintenance and professional polish of your case including the dial, hands and movement - also known as “encasing.”

If you believe your watch requires a service that has not been mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can advise accordingly. As mentioned, all repairs are professionally carried out at our Rolex authorised service centre and our expert service team is always on hand to help with everything.