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Vicenza Since 1929

A jewel is a gift of love and there is none finer than the elegant opulence of the FOPE collection. The range embodies a true celebration of understated luxury, refined by expert Italian artisans since 1929. Crafted in, and inspired by, the company's native Italy, skilled craftspeople and bespoke machinery create FOPE's timeless, design-led creations.

Leading edge machinery cuts and shapes the exquisite mesh chain links before the pieces are carefully hand-finished by a team of skilled craftspeople with the utmost precision and expertise. A beautiful blend of innovation and tradition, FOPE prides itself on using custom technical advances to enhance the rare skillset of their exceptional artisans. Following an ever evolving creation process, each item of jewellery is finished and scrutinised thoroughly to ensure they meet FOPE's stringent quality checks and the high standards of their almost 100 years of production.

Give the gift of luxurious, comfortable elegance this Christmas.

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Our Festive FOPE Picks

Explore our favourite FOPE pieces this festive season. From earrings to bracelets, find an item for the one you love.

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Mialuce Bracelet In Yellow & White Gold
New for 2021:
The Essentials Collection

The highlight of FOPE’s year has been the introduction of Essentials, a range of 18ct gold rings and earrings inspired by the FOPE Novecento mesh chain and designed to beautifully complement all other FOPE creations. Essentials represents the spirit of FOPE’s DNA: it is an incredibly versatile product, appealing to all age groups. The new Essentials earrings and rings can be worn alone or stacked together, with three sizes of classic hoop earrings and new sleek, Flex’it mesh earrings in gold and with diamonds.

New for 2021:
The Eka Tiny Collection

Have you discovered the striking new additions to the Eka Tiny jewellery collection? Already a bestselling line, the range showcases a new, bold and contemporary rondel design. The juxtaposition of a smooth chain with an angular rondel is perfect for a younger, edgier look.

Panorama Collection

Last year's launch, Panorama collection, a stunning gold Flex’it chain launched in 2020. Its design features a wider and finer chain that provides a beautifully new soft feel on the skin, with pieces that embody a celebration of the understated luxury which FOPE has always championed - with an extra touch of elegance.

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Women’s bracelets have made FOPE a successful brand worldwide. At the heart of these bracelets is FOPE’s aim that elegance meets comfort; the original and patented Flex'it mesh chain crafted solely in 18 carat gold is rendered fully flexible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link.

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Explore Rings

With many FOPE rings utilising the iconic Flex'it technology, the collection offers a range of rings that are not only elegant but flexible and comfortable to wear, fitting a variety of finger sizes and making the perfect gift this festive season. Explore the collection online and in store.

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Explore Necklaces

The Novecento mesh chain, a true FOPE icon, comes in different shapes and sizes. The necklace is one of the most beloved FOPE piece to feature this kind of chain, whose incredible sleekness and understated elegance results into an all-day ideal wear.

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