Handmade Silver Jewellery

Since 1866, Hamilton & Inches has been Edinburgh’s prime destination for hand-crafted silver jewellery. Over the years, not only have we diversified our collections to keep up with changing styles, but have also ensured a special piece of our history and heritage is included in every design. This way, we have created a beautiful range of silver bracelets, bangles, pendants, rings, and more, which possess timeless elegance and style.

We have maintained our silver workshops since our inception and hold a Royal Warrant as silversmiths to Her Majesty the Queen. So, no matter the piece you choose to add to your fine jewellery collection, you can rest assured that it has been hand-crafted with expertise and care, and will still look beautiful in many years to come.

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From our team of expert silversmiths, we present the Hamilton & Inches collection of handmade silver jewellery, featuring items from popular ranges including Luna, Ginkgo, Donut, Chain Link and more.

Silver Bangles

Discover our beautiful collection of silver bangles and cuffs, featuring statement designs and subtle styles that add a touch of luxury to everyday.

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Silver Bracelets

From delicate chain bracelets to stackable silver link designs, you are guaranteed to find a piece in our collection suitable for every style and occasion.

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Silver Earrings

Whether you're looking for an accessory that adds a little bit of lustre to your everyday look, or a bold pair for an evening event, you’ll find it all in our silver earring collection.

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Silver Necklaces

Browse our collection of silver necklaces and pendants, which features both delicate and statement styles from our acclaimed jewellery lines.

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Home of Hand-Crafted Silver Jewellery

We have a secret. Tucked away in the upper storeys of our recently refurbished showroom on George Street, in the heart of Edinburgh, are our traditional workshops. The first floor is home to our skilled silversmiths who hand-craft all pieces in our Hamilton & Inches silver jewellery collection, while feeling inspired by the open views of our majestic city.

Luna Collection

The Luna collection is inspired by the natural landscape of the moon. The range features contemporary silver jewellery designed with a textured finish.

Chain Link Collection

Renowned for its versatility and wearability, our hand-crafted Chain Link collection features stunning silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings to suit all.

A Piece of Silver for Every Style

The Hamilton & Inches silver jewellery collection features styles suitable for every kind of occasion. Whether you’re looking for an item to add to your everyday wardrobe, or a piece to save for special occasions, you’re guaranteed to find it all in our range.

For example, the contemporary style of items in the adored Chain Link collection are the ideal statement accessory to pair with casual, everyday outfits. Items are bold in beauty and size, creating an accessory that will not be missed.

Our silver charm collection really shows the skill and craftsmanship of our team. The delicate designs take the shape of animals, symbols and other everyday objects including The Balmoral Clock Tower, ensuring there is a piece in the range that appeals to all. The series of silver charms make for the perfect gifts for loved ones, or a way to personalise your own jewellery pieces for a look that is truly unique to you.

The Donut collection is another contemporary range that features silver necklaces and earrings that can be worn for a whole host of occasions. Pair with an elegant black dress for a look that will draw all eyes to your accessories, or with a nice top and trousers to add style to your work wardrobe.

For a silver piece that combines beauty and meaning, our Gingko collection has something to suit. The collection of pendants and earrings feature handcrafted and intricately detailed fanned leaves, likened to those on the Japanese tree. The gingko tree is known as a symbol of beauty, longevity and profound endurance, which made it the perfect source of inspiration for a central light installation that takes pride of place in our showroom. The collection of Gringko jewellery is a way for you to take home a piece of our story.

Providing the perfect finishing touch, our men’s cufflink collection also features some stunning silver designs. For instance, the stylish Donut cufflinks, Balmoral Hotel cufflinks and this Stag’s Head design are all handcrafted by our skilled team of silversmiths. Each design allows you to take a little bit of our history and heritage with you, wherever you go.