By Alan Sewell, Goldsmith

It was a beautiful summer’s day. The sky was a crisp blue and from my window, I could see the sun touching the tops of the George Street buildings. High above the showroom at number 87, we, the Hamilton & Inches jewellers, have been designing, creating and falling in love with the Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection; the first of its type in our 154-year history.

That summer’s day, when the sky was particularly blue and the sun was particularly beautiful, I set the last stone on the last ring of the collection. The fruits of our labour were complete. 

I have been involved in the jewellery profession from 14 years of age. A young lad, full of cheer and passion, I was given the opportunity to become a runner between the jewellers’ workshop and the Argyll Arcade, Glasgow’s premier jewellery location. Whilst I didn’t develop a love for running, I became fascinated with the workshop side of the business and was given the opportunity of an apprenticeship, following the completion of my 2nd year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.  I grabbed this offer with both hands, and not long after, entered the magical world of jewellery. I have never looked back.  

I excel in problem solving, probably why I love the technical aspect of my role. Presented with an objective, we work to craft something that is technically sound whilst retaining elegance and beauty. Each ring must withstand being worn daily; they must be practical yet beautiful, the technical structure must be worthy of supporting a magnificent diamond. 

The result of several months of research and design was the hand-crafted Hamilton & Inches Bridge; our carefully developed framework created to show the highest-grade D-colour diamond in all its glory – nature’s most beautiful gift. Whilst technicality is key, the jewellery team exemplify artistic talent and the heritage and the dedication to the craft of fine Scottish jewellery makes Hamilton & Inches truly unique. The new engagement collection blends technicality with delicacy beautifully. We are incredibly proud of its evolution and outcome.

That summer’s day represented the end of a journey lasting months and involving all elements of the business. Whilst each individual ring takes several days to craft, its design is the result of countless conversations, design iterations and feedback. As I placed the last piece of the puzzle together, I was immensely proud that my journey, all 37 years of it, had led me here.

Whilst some prefer pieces designed to dazzle, my personal favourite is the simple yet elegant four-claw platinum solitaire. Simplicity, when well presented, is beautiful and timeless. Whoever the worthy wearer is, I hope they feel special and know their loved one has taken the time to research the best quality product available, that their beloved ring is hand-crafted individually and carefully for them.  

The beauty of jewellery is that it means something unique to everyone. For me, this collection reminds me that beauty is a constant in times of adversity. It is testament of the collective skills of our talented craftspeople and the very heart of the Hamilton & Inches philosophy.  

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