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Our Solitaire Engagement Ring Cuts

The Hamilton & Inches solitaire diamond engagement ring collection boasts a variety of high-quality cuts and distinctive band designs that can compliment almost everyone's personal style. The collection includes everything from round brilliant cuts for a classic elegance, and marquise cut rings for a contemporary feel, to emerald and princess cut designs with vintage appeal. Some of the most popular solitaire engagement ring cuts within our collection include:

Round brilliant cut solitaire diamonds 

Emerald cut solitaire diamonds

Princess cut solitaire diamonds 

Oval cut solitaire diamonds 

Pear shaped solitaire diamonds 

Marquise cut solitaire diamonds 

Whichever cut you choose, every Hamilton & Inches solitaire engagement ring has been crafted with love in mind.

As well as an extensive range of cuts, our solitaire diamond engagement ring collection also offers a beautiful selection of precious metals and prong settings. The prong setting is what holds the solitaire diamond securely in place, allowing it to take centre stage while providing peace of mind for the wearer. Prong settings are available with either four or six claws ensuring ultimate security and unique appeal.

Pick a Solitaire Engagement Ring Style That Speaks To You

With so much variety within the Hamilton & Inches solitaire engagement ring collection, you can find a dream style that truly resonates with your preferences.

For example, compliment the stand-alone diamond with a yellow gold band for a traditional aesthetic with this timeless solitaire yellow gold band engagement ring, which is inspired by the natural facets of the earth. Or, select a silver band solitaire engagement ring for a modern elegance that will never go unnoticed.

This ur solitaire engagement rings include designs with plain and polished bands that are ideal for those who love the simpler things in life, as well as bolder, diamond set styles which feature small and lustrous stones and offer all-round brilliance.

Speak to our experts for more information on our solitaire diamond engagement rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire engagement ring refers to a single stone design, whereby just one diamond or precious gemstone is set at the centre of a metal band.

What does a Solitaire Engagement Ring mean?

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are usually seen as a symbol of enduring and everlasting love due to a diamond's association with strength and value. Standing alone, the solitaire diamond is bold and beautiful, just like its wearer or the companionship it has become a symbol of.

Why choose a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is a timeless and elegant ring style that will never go out of fashion. It's simple design is something that can be worn and cherished for a lifetime or longer, no matter how styles or trends change. Although understated, the confidence of the single stone exudes a boldness that simply cannot be achieved with other settings, which is why it is a popular engagement ring style that continues to be chosen by today’s couples.