Introducing the Luna Collection

Hamilton & Inches may have been an Edinburgh jewellery company for around for 154 years, but its youngest silversmith Ruth Page - just 23 years of age - is already making an impact on the company with her magical creations. Her newest collection, Luna, was entirely designed and crafted by the recent graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art, under the guidance of the wider silversmith team. 

The range, crafted predominantly from sterling silver, starts from just £75 and features earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Ruth shares the collection’s magical journey with us.

Hamilton & Inches have been making hand-crafted silverware and jewellery of the highest standard for decades. It is incredibly daunting to live up to the standards of perfection the company set for themselves, but I am proud to have met the challenge head on and create something that not only complements some of the biggest trends in jewellery, but aligns itself to Hamilton & Inches’ unique style.

When I designed Luna, I wanted to mimic moonlight dancing on water; each piece needed to shimmer. To achieve this, we used a blurred texture technique on the larger links and applied a high-shine finish on the smaller links. The result means light is reflected in a delicate fashion, giving that illusion of soft-focus moonlight.

The technique itself is not overly complicated. It is about how you carefully manipulate your chosen texture to give the best shine and sleek-touch finish whilst ensuring the pieces are incredibly comfortable when worn. These techniques are perfected with constant practise, something hugely supported by Hamilton & Inches. Each concept we create undergoes experimentation, scrutiny, and countless design iterations until we and the wider team are happy.

From concept to launch, the entire creation process took three months with each link taking ten minutes alone to make. It is a delicate job but one that encourages patience and is thoroughly enjoyable. I think its important for our customers to understand the work that goes into our collections; they are hand-crafted with love and the individual stamp of each craftsperson. That makes each piece all the more special.

I was keen that the collection not only embody the quality associated with Hamilton & Inches but be something my friends and I would like to wear. It is understated enough to be worn daily but several pieces, including the necklet in sterling silver, make a real statement. The collection can be mixed and matched, or individual items worn in isolation; the hoop earrings are definitely a H&I team favourite.

Of all the pieces in the collection, my personal favourite is the 18” pendant. It was the first piece I designed and, whilst is slightly harder to make, brings me such joy. It is beautifully understated and looks great on everyone, so much so, we have created a version in 18ct yellow gold with matching hoop earrings . It is the perfect piece for the winter season – its sparkling elegance adds to any outfit.

There is no greater feeling than seeing someone wearing something from a collection you have worked so hard on. It is incredible to see our hard work being appreciated and worn with such love. What better job could you have than one that brings such joy to people?

The Luna Collection, created by Ruth Page, is available both online and in-store. Why not visit our showroom to meet Ruth and find out more about our silver gifts? Contact us to find out more.