As a luxury jewellery house with over 90 years of experience in crafting the finest of pieces, FOPE continue to impress their legion of fans with a continual release of new and breath-taking items. With each product crafted by skilled artisans, the FOPE collection includes a beautiful blend of 18ct gold jewellery; bracelets, rings, earrings and more – many including the exceptional Flex’it technology FOPE are famed for. 

In 2021, the brand released a number of exciting collections, including bold new interpretations of their Eka Tiny range with geometric hexagon rondels, the best-selling Essentials range and the release of the new Bubble Ring Capsule Collection. 

A Universal Line

With a price point starting from £705, the Essentials collection comprises earrings and rings, offering luxury for all. Designed to complement all other FOPE collections, every piece is crafted from 18ct Flex’it mesh gold, either in white, rose or yellow. Earrings are available in hoop, stud or drop format and can be matched with rings in three different widths. Perfect for everyday wear, the range is simplistic and sleek, highlighting the minimalistic elegance of the classic FOPE style.

A Reimagined Favourite

As FOPE continues to develop their unique and bold designs, so too do subtle changes to their existing collections emerge. The latest addition to the Eka Tiny range include hexagon rondels in 18ct white gold with the centre of the main rondel set with diamonds. Whilst a subtle change, it adds a fresh new look to the collection. New items include a long rope necklace, pendant earrings, bracelets and necklets and includes fresh new colour variations such as white gold with black diamonds. 

A Bold New Look

The latest capsule collection of Bubble Rings from FOPE offer fun and playfulness without losing the distinctive style of the brand. Crafted from 18ct white, yellow and rose gold, the rings feature the classic Novecento mesh surrounding diamonds and multi-coloured gemstones. Although displaying an impactful style, the rings are incredibly comfortable to wear and, with eight options to choose from, can perfectly showcase your unique personality.


A New Classic

The Panorama range was introduced in 2020 and became an instant best seller. With a wider design to that of the typical FOPE design, the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces comprise of the signature Novecento mesh in a new style with a variety of gold bars in number and carat weight enhancing the modern, distinctive style of the range. 

Whether new to the FOPE brand, or an avid collector, the Italian jewellery house continues to create pieces to suit every taste and every stage of someone’s life. Whether you are looking for everyday pieces, or items set to dazzle, the comfortable elegance FOPE is so known for offers a whole new way to wear jewellery.