The latest timepieces released by Rolex in April 2021 are testament to the brand’s watchmaking expertise. Harnessing the power of our world, from caverns to mountain peaks, from polar caps to the furthest reaches of our solar system, the latest additions to the Rolex collection invite you on an adventure.

From technical prowess to the power of beauty, each watch embodies excellence, elegance and prestige that is recognised worldwide. They are also a symbol of active support, as Rolex continues to champion sport, exploration, the arts and those who are creating solutions to preserve our wonderful planet.

The new watches for 2021 are shining examples of innovation and expertise, so synonymous with the brand.

The Explorer’s New Territories

Born in the real-life laboratory of the Himalayas, the Explorer was created at the top of the world and is the result of a partnership that blends the expertise of Rolex with the skills of legendary mountaineers. The Explorer was created to offer reliability whatever the conditions, where time is often paramount to survival. The new-generation Explorer and Explorer II are testimony to the brand’s thirst for improvement as it continues to strive for excellence. The exceptional strength and performance of the watches are paired beautifully with elegance – a winning combination. For those keen on one of Rolex’s signature styles, the Explorer has been introduced in a yellow Rolesor version, flawlessly blending 18ct gold with Oystersteel. The Explorer II is crafted from corrosion-resistant Oystersteel, designed to meet the demands of extreme conditions.


A Dial to Suit Your Taste

Honing ancient power and capturing it in the most exceptional of timepieces, Rolex has created dials that are imbued with energy, either from deep within the earth or from the vast expanse of our universe. These exclusive elements add soul and personality to each timepiece, their power harnessed using the expertise of the Rolex artisans.

For 2021, the Datejust 36 introduces two dial variations, the tropical forest “palm” motif or the “fluted” motif incorporating one of the brand’s most-loved styles. The bold palm face of the Datejust 36 is available in olive green, silver or golden; each crafted with cutting edge technology designed to create deep, vibrant metallic colours.

The fluted motif present on the latest Datejust 36 is a signature Rolex style, designed to accentuate the elegant profile of the 36mm Oyster case, fitted with fluted bezel. This delicately enhanced dial breathes modern life into a timepiece that has spanned eras.

It is not just the Datejust that has undergone an exquisite makeover. The latest versions of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona are crafted from 18ct yellow, white or Everose gold, with exceptional meteorite dials that embody energy that has travelled through both space and time.

A natural work of art, the dials feature patterns that were formed millions of years ago as an asteroid journeyed through the cosmos, resulting in intricate and ancient detailing. Every Cosmograph Daytona meteorite dial is truly one of a kind.

The Radiance of Diamonds

Diamonds are one of our most precious natural resources, created over a billion years ago, and only the most beautiful of gems are selected by the Rolex gemmologists. These breathtaking stones grace the latest Lady-Datejust watches, each exceptionally beautiful and designed to be cherished. With every diamond hand-selected and hand-set one by one into the dial, bezel, case or bracelet, the watches honour a meticulous and time-honoured technique, passed down through generations.

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