Mark the Moment

Hand-engraving adds a personal touch to any jewellery or silverware to help tell a story or mark a moment in time forever. Our expert team will be able to discuss the process with you and advise the best way to tell your story with your own unique engraving.

Engraving is an ancient form of cutting or carving precious metals. Our resident engravers are exceptional artists, who work using their expert eye and perfectly steady hands. Their traditional rudimentary tools and materials include French chalk, oil of wintergreen and specially shaped gravers. Each piece of work they undertake has their own unique footprint; from their individualistic styles to their own distinctive artistic nuances. 


Looking for a Bespoke Personalisation?

Engraving Styles

Our expert hand-engravers follow the National Association of Jewellers style card, which includes a number or typefaces, fonts and styles. A copy can be downloaded below. Additionally, should you wish to provide your own font or style, please book an appointment below or contact us so we can discuss the best option to fit your needs. 

Ruaridh Malcomson, Master Engraver

Our Master Engraver, Ruaridh Malcomson, has over 20 years’ experience in his craft, making him one of the most proficient hand-engravers in the UK. A master of his craft, Ruaridh is an exceptional artist, creating some of the finest pieces available in Hamilton & Inches today.

Dario Batzella, Hand Engraver

Working alongside Ruaridh is Dario Batzella, our outstanding Italian artist and graduate of the Italian Mint in Rome. Both work with traditional tools and materials, including French chalk, oil of wintergreen and specially shaped gravers, shaped over time to their individual hands. Dario's creative flair can be seen in many fine pieces online including the precious desk calendar.

Book an Appointment

The engraving process begins with a simple consultation where our hand-engravers will work with you to identify the best font or facsimile (a copy of handwriting) for your item. Whilst there are a selection of font styles available, our hand-engraving team are expertly placed to help you select one that will sympathetically enhance your piece. 

Personalisation of your piece can be turned around quickly and is available for collection or can be delivered to an address of your choosing.