Antique Jewellery Restoration

The restoration of antique jewellery can prove to be a highly complex challenge. Items are often fragile and likely to be irreplaceable. It, therefore, requires the skills of expert jewellers. For over 150 years, we have honed our craft, passing it down through generations of master jewellers and their apprentices. This enables us to offer a unique and exceptionally high-quality restoration and repair service to provide you with options for you and your jewellery. 

Whether purchased or passed down through your family, antique jewellery pieces will often need some love and attention and our Service team are available to assess the item and provide you with advice on the best approach to restoration. 

Your item will be sympathetically renovated if possible, as expert care will be taken to match both the stone and the specific cut, ensuring we are sensitive to the piece’s original beauty. Our job is to breathe new life into your antique jewellery to let it once again be worn and loved. The process of restoration also offers the opportunity to find out more about your much-loved item; when it was made and by whom, what materials were used and any work that may have been done to it over the years.

Whilst we will endeavour to do all we can to restore your jewellery, occasionally an item is just too fragile to repair. Should the team find any issues with your antique jewellery, we will contact you immediately and advise on the most appropriate solution. If restoration is not a suitable option, it may be possible to rework your jewellery into a new and beautiful piece or to reuse the stones to create several new items; creating a treasured heirloom to pass on to future generations.

This form of up-cycling has grown in popularity over the past decade; often if an inherited item doesn't suit your taste, then it is possible to redesign the piece to your exacting standards. Our team will work with you in not only the design phase but will help you select complementary stones or metalwork to support your new piece of jewellery.

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