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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The Asscher cut is amongst one of the most unique cut diamonds you can find. It is similar to the emerald cut but can be defined by its square shape. If you’re a one-of-a-kind bride searching for a one-of-a-kind ring, the Asscher cut is certainly a cut above the rest and the uniqueness of this diamond will certainly turn heads.
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Reputation precedes the Asscher cut

In 1968, Richard Burton gifted the decadent Krupp diamond to Elizabeth Taylor while aboard a yacht on the River Thames. The 33.19ct diamond was white and colourless and is estimated at $9 million today. It is one of the most legendary diamonds in gemmology and is recognisable all over the world. However, what most people don’t know about this illustrious gem: it was an Asscher cut.

What makes the Asscher cut stand out is the diamond's larger step facets. It also has a smaller table and a higher crown, all of which give the stone more weight. The corners are also cropped which add to the diamond’s unique quality and make your stone less prone to breakage. Many are enamoured by the Asscher cut’s clean, modern and elegant look. The cut was most popular during the Art Deco era of 1920 which favoured geometric design and minimalism, making it a favourite with brides-to-be looking for a ring with vintage appeal.

Asscher cut engagement rings for you

Usually, the better settings for an Asscher cut are a solitaire or cluster as both of these emphasise the unique design of the Asscher cut. A four-prong setting is, however, the best setting for an Asscher cut stone. The open prong setting allows for maximum light to enter the stone for great flash and fire qualities. The prongs also lift the stone higher to really help your stone stand out.

Such as this  Asscher cut diamond engagement ring in platinum. The ring is crafted in a vintage style but has modern sensibilities. Featuring a 1.02ct diamond, this ring has a clean balance and visual appeal. The classic four-claw setting prominently displays the single stone diamond on a knife-edge shank and the platinum band provides a smooth contrast to the intricate prisms of the stone. A beautifully traditional engagement ring that echoes the art deco period. It is designed to sit perfectly with a Hamilton & Inches wedding band.

For something with extra sparkle, this  Asscher cut single stone diamond engagement ring is a great choice. With all the classic and beautiful vintage features lovers of traditional style will adore. This ring features a 0.25ct diamond that gently floats above the ring, drawing in your attention. The platinum band features round, brilliant-cut diamonds set in the shoulders for a truly unique engagement ring for a one-of-a-kind proposal.

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