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Cluster Engagement Rings

Our stunning collection of diamond cluster engagement rings are designed to dazzle. Available in a range of precious metals, cuts, designs and stones, let us help you choose a piece to showcase your love.

Discover Our Cluster Engagement Ring Collection

A diamond cluster is one of the more timeless styles of engagement rings. The design is characterised by its beautiful combination of stones, which can take on different shapes and sizes in order to create a dazzling design that captures the light at almost every angle. Typically, these rings feature a single centre stone which is surrounded by a group of individual diamonds. The centre stone itself can also be a diamond, or any other precious or semi-precious gemstone. 

The Hamilton & Inches diamond cluster engagement ring collection has been expertly curated by our skilled team of goldsmiths. Every design within the range offers couples a beautiful piece to symbolise their unique love story. With this, there are a number of designs and styles to choose from, with various options of diamond cuts, precious gemstone centres, metals, settings, shapes, sizes and so much more. 

Essentially, if the dazzling cluster design is what speaks to you, there will be a suitable style within our extensive collection. Simply, explore, browse and maybe even visit us in store to try on your dream cluster engagement ring.

Choosing Your Cluster Ring

With cluster engagement rings being one of the most versatile styles due to the many design options and stone combinations, choosing the right one can take some time. Whether it’s for yourself or your partner, the decision comes down to finding a style that best resonates with your, or their, preferences, sense of dress and the symbolic meaning of the design. 

For example, our cluster engagement rings are available in yellow, white and rose gold, as well as platinum. While yellow gold is a timeless option that represents tradition, a platinum ring is better suited to modern day brides-to-be with a trendy sense of style. 

And while white gold and platinum both showcase a bright allure that can help enhance the sparkle and fire of a diamond, the choice between the two depends on the need for durability. A white gold ring will certainly withstand day to day wear, however, the robust properties of platinum make it the preferred choice among those with more hands-on jobs or daily lives. 

As well as metal, you will find endless options of cluster designs to choose from. For instance, cluster rings can take the form of almost any shape, with the most popular styles resembling a circular design, such as our nine diamond cluster ring or this oval diamond cluster design in 18ct rose gold. 

Other shapes and forms include starburst designs, like the Mozambique ruby and diamond cluster ring, or the oval emerald and diamond ring. Or, flower-like shapes, such as this round brilliant cut ruby and diamond ring, which presents a perfectly feminine piece.

For an engagement ring truly symbolic of love, this heart-shape design with a ruby centre and diamond cluster is a beautiful and unique choice. 

With so many styles and shapes to choose from, we can assure you that you will see something you like within our range of diamond cluster engagement rings. If not, simply speak to our team about creating your very own bespoke design. Drawing on your wildest desires and our many years of expertise, we can help you create the ring of your dreams. 

Browse our complete collection of cluster engagement rings online and in store today.