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Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is amongst the rarest and most durable precious metals and belongs to the noble and precious metal family. Its rich, white, creamy lustre will maintain and shine forever, and its bright white hue enhances the brilliance of any stone. The metal makes for undeniably beautiful engagement rings that will sparkle and shine for a lifetime.


Why choose a platinum engagement ring

Though discovered in 1557, platinum jewellery only dates back to the 19th century, so platinum engagement rings are a fairly recent creation. The strength and lustre of platinum make it the ideal metal choice for engagement rings intended to last a lifetime, and even some of the world’s greatest treasures are set in platinum, including the eponymous Hope Diamond.

The density and weight of platinum mean it does not wear away and will securely hold any stone. It is also symbolic in its meaning, said to represent eternal love, purity, rarity and strength, making it the perfect metal to mark the start of a relationship.

What’s more, platinum is extremely rare, in fact, 30 times rarer than gold. The precious white metal is mainly sourced in either South Africa or Russia. So, if exclusivity is your thing, then a platinum engagement ring will have you standing out from the masses for sure.

Our collection of platinum engagement rings

When choosing a platinum engagement ring from Hamilton & Inches, you have an array of choices at your disposal. Hamilton & Inches are dedicated to curating jewellery that is superior in design and craftsmanship, that’s why all our engagement rings are crafted from either platinum or 18ct yellow gold. Rest assured you are in the best hands and can trust you will find the highest quality engagement ring to mark your memorable occasion. 

For example, for a ring that evokes images of understated elegance and minimalism, this brilliant-cut solitaire diamond engagement ring is a sure winner. Consisting of a GIA certified 0.50ct solitaire diamond in a 4 claw diamond with diamond set shoulders, this ring offers a modern twist on a classic design that will have an ‘I do’ at first look. Perfect for the bride-to-be who wants elegance and style in her jewellery.

Alternatively, bring out your regal side with this  Mozambique ruby engagement ring. You will fall in love all over again with this striking ring. Comprising a central, oval cut Mozambique ruby in vivid red, on a platinum ring, the unheated ruby is surrounded by eight, round, brilliant-cut diamonds in a cluster formation. An engagement ring that symbolises true love and will be adored forever.

Engagement rings at Hamilton & Inches

Here at Hamilton & Inches, we go to great lengths to make sure your experience with us is as relaxing as possible, so you can enjoy this special time in your life. Therefore, we offer bespoke commissions and interest-free credit to ensure your journey in love is as perfect as can be. We also have our expert team of advisors on hand so you can get in touch to talk through ideas and get advice should you need it.