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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The princess cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes amongst brides-to-be for its brilliant sparkle and contemporary look. They are a relatively new cut compared to their counterparts, but have become the undisputed champion of recent times for engagement rings.


Why choose a princess cut ring?

The princess ring is beautifully unique and offers any diamond maximum sparkle. From the top, the princess cut looks square, while the underside is a 4-sided pyramidal shape. Its diamond will contain either 57 or 76 facets, and because of its distribution of light, it is by far the most brilliant of all the square-shaped diamonds. 

For years, it has been highly sought after, and this is unlikely to change. The princess cut remains the go-to choice for any bride-to-be looking to step away from the traditional round cut and desires a ring that is dramatic and modern and stands out for all the right reasons.

Our collection of princess cut engagement rings

For the contemporary bride, look no further than this stunning princess-cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. A modern engagement ring that will steal your heart. This princess-cut, 2.01 ct diamond shines in a 4-claw setting. The diamond is mounted on a plain, platinum band, where the smooth curves contrast the intricate prisms of the stone. A simple, yet understated engagement ring that signifies a strong, natural connection and symbolises the strength of your bond with your partner. 

Or, for something that marries contemporary and traditional, this 1ct diamond solitaire engagement ring is a must. A ring of romantic elegance, this diamond solitaire in platinum consists of one princess cut diamond in a 4-claw setting with raised shoulders. A classic style, this ring is one to be treasured forever.

Princess cut rings at Hamilton & Inches

Here at Hamilton & Inches, we want to make your experience shopping for your engagement ring as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. To guarantee you get the best service, we ensure our princess cut engagement rings are of the highest quality whilst providing expert service. If you require any assistance in finding your princess cut diamond ring, we are at hand at all times to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch to talk through ideas and get advice from our expert team.