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Silver Necklaces

A silver necklace is uniquely timeless, with the ability to complement almost every outfit and style. Each piece in our collection is a statement when worn alone but also pairs perfectly with other necklaces and pendants in our collection.

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Luxury silver necklaces

Our luxury silver necklace collection holds an array of styles so there is a piece that suits every individual's need. You can find classic and contemporary finishes to your outfit throughout the collection, adding undisputed charm and sophistication to any look. 

Each piece is crafted from the finest sterling silver so you can rest assured that your jewellery will accompany you for a lifetime of memories. Browse delicate chains, showstopping pendants, and unmissable choker styles to add to your staple collection.

Hamilton & Inches silver necklace collection

Each of our silver necklaces has been hand-selected and crafted to curate a collection that captures every individual’s unique style and essence. 

Wear this sculptural Goerg Jensen neckring to add drama to any outfit. This piece adds a fashionable, modern twist to a classic outfit and a touch of contemporary silver splendour to your look. 

Alternatively, if you prefer subtle hints of silver, this moonlight grapes pendant will look elegant and timeless in any setting. 

Browse the full collection of silver earrings at Hamilton & Inches today.