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Why choose a rose gold engagement ring?

The copper alloyed metal starts life as yellow gold and is mined in the same way as the gold we find in yellow and white gold jewellery. However, rose gold is formed with different alloys to yellow and white gold, which is what gives it its blush tone. What’s more, the different karat of rose gold will also determine the tone of the metal, for example, anything lower than 18ct will be browner and more coppery in tone, whereas 18ct and above will have a warmer and brighter pink hue.

18ct rose gold makes the ideal carat for engagement rings as it gives the ring great vibrance and shine, and at Hamilton & Inches, all our rose gold engagement rings are crafted in 18ct rose gold, to ensure you get the best from your bridal jewellery.

Rose gold makes the perfect engagement ring metal because it pairs perfectly with white diamonds as well as coloured gemstones and can be both contemporary and antique in its design, so there is something to suit everyone. The soft feminine blush tone sets it apart from other metals and, while tradition dictates that cool skin tones suit white gold best, and warm skin tones suit yellow gold best, rose gold is flattering on all skin tones and will give your everyday jewellery look a new lease of life.

Our collection of rose gold engagement rings

This rose gold solitaire ring is an example of classic beauty. Crafted in 18ct rose gold, with a diamond solitaire, this ring echoes wedding tradition and will be the perfect wedding companion to any bride-to-be who values minimalism, understated elegance, and timeless tradition. The ring features one central 0.50ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 4-claw platinum setting that makes it worthy of a perfect proposal. It is designed to be beautifully paired with a Hamilton & Inches wedding ring to make the perfect pair.

Alternatively, for the woman who seeks individuality, and a ring as unique as her and her love story, opt for this cluster diamond engagement ring. This 18ct rose gold cluster ring consists of a 1.00ct oval diamond in a four-claw castle setting with round brilliant cut diamond halo and diamond set shoulders. With a total diamond weight of 1.67ct, this ring will be seen from all angles and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Engagement rings at Hamilton & Inches

If you require assistance with finding your engagement ring, here at Hamilton & Inches we provide a straightforward, stress-free service to ensure you get the ring of your dreams. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team of advisors, and get one step closer to your special moment.