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Why choose a yellow gold engagement ring?

Yellow gold has been around since the beginning of civilisation and is synonymous with Egyptian, Roman, and Greek royalty. The wealthiest individuals during these ancient times traditionally gifted their fiancée a yellow gold ring as a mark of engagement. Today, the regal ties have not dwindled, and the creamy, yellow metal is adorned by royalty all over the world, and because of this, the timelessness of yellow gold evokes images of opulence and wealth.

As of recent, yellow gold has been the trend to take over the fashion world, and amongst bridal jewellery, it has made the most triumphant return. With more and more women opting for gold-toned jewellery for everyday wear, a yellow gold engagement ring is a must to ensure it suits existing jewellery and acts as a subtle nod to the tradition associated with engagement rings.

However, it can still look beautifully contemporary, and it will suit the modern bride looking to stand out from the crowd, making it the ideal choice for both modern, traditional, and vintage-inspired jewellery.

18ct yellow gold

When selecting your jewellery, it is important to consider quality every single time. The benefits of choosing 18ct yellow gold are unmatched. The higher purity of 18ct gold means your jewellery has more resistance to everyday corrosion and tarnish compared to other carat alloys. That’s why at Hamilton & Inches, we are dedicated to only producing jewellery crafted from the highest quality 18ct gold, to ensure your jewellery has a deep, rich and beautiful true gold colour, as well as being robust and hard, ensuring it will stand the test of time.

Our collection of yellow gold engagement rings

If the bride-to-be is seeking timeless design, look no further than this solitaire diamond engagement ring. This ring features a brilliant-cut 6 claw diamond solitaire with diamond set shoulders in 18ct yellow gold and boasts a spectacular GIA certified 0.90ct diamond. This exclusive setting showcases the diamond in a completely new way, giving light to its unique fire and brilliance as a symbol of your devotion, dedication, and love.

Alternatively, inject some vintage love into your ring with this Mozambique ruby engagement ring. As unique as your love, this three-stone engagement ring is crafted from 18ct yellow gold and consists of one central emerald-cut emerald in a 4 claw setting with 2 emerald-cut diamonds, each in a 4 claw platinum setting. This ring is inspired by the art deco era of the 1920s and is a sure stand-out piece for any bride who wants to be seen.

Engagement rings at Hamilton & Inches

No matter what, Hamilton & Inches is committed to providing you with the highest quality engagement rings and expert service and guidance to ensure you get the best out of your experience. If you require any assistance in finding your engagement ring, we are at hand at all times to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch to talk through ideas and get advice from our expert team.