Cumbria Crystal at Hamilton & Inches

Cumbria Crystal is the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut lead, luxury English crystal in the United Kingdom. It requires a team of nine exceptional Cumbria Crystal artisans to craft one piece – from sherry glass to decanter - taking around 10 – 18 days to complete all high-quality processes.

The Cumbria Crystal craftspeople use their ancient craft to not only develop exceptional pieces of crystal but work to preserve and develop traditional glass-making skills developed over centuries.

Cumbria Crystal Glass
The Heritage of British Cut Glass

Lead glass was invented in the late 17th century and it wasn’t long before artisans realised the material’s acceptance to being cut. Over the next three hundred years, the intricate patterns etched into the surface of crystal has led to the popularity of the product, seen in the finest of homes, bars and restaurants.

Cumbria Crystal Decanter and Glass
The H&I Thistle Collection

A unique collaboration between Cumbria Crystal and Hamilton & Inches resulted in the bespoke “Thistle” cut collection. Designed in partnership between both teams, the collection offers a unique range of glasses, decanters and more.

Cumbria Crystal Wine Glass
Cumbria Crystal Decanter and Glasses
A Starring Role...

Appearing in major motion pictures and TV series, Cumbria Crystal has offered the finest of luxury to James Bond in Casino Royale and  Lord and Lady Grantham in Downton Abbey.