Treasure From the Heart of Scotland

Hamilton & Inches are honoured to present the world's first hand-crafted Scottish Gold fine jewellery collection. A reputation as Scotland's premiere master silversmiths and luxury jewellers,  we secured the first gold of the Cononish Gold Mine in 2019; the only fine jeweller to do so and offer luxurious 22ct Scottish gold. Treasure from the heart of Scotland, the fine seam of gold is being delicately and ethically extracted beneath spectacular National Park scenery at the edge of The Trossachs National Park.

A Precious Thread of Heritage

22ct Scottish Gold is exceptionally beautiful. Exuding warmth and lustre, it evokes a golden Scottish sunset, the amber glow of whisky and the radiant beauty of wild landscapes. This is a precious thread of heritage... a moment in history you can treasure.


Cononish Gold Mine in Scotland [Con-oh-nish]

History of Scottish Gold

Scottish Gold has been used in jewellery for hundreds of years. Find out more about this precious thread of Scottish heritage



Find out why Scottish gold is so incredibly rare and answers to the most commonly asked queries in our Scottish gold FAQs section below.


Scottish Gold Sustainibility

The Dragonfly Initiative work to help businesses sustainably access natural resources, precious metals and gemstones supply chains.