Scottish Gold Jewellery

Hamilton & Inches is honoured to present the world's first hand-crafted Scottish Gold jewellery collection, made in the ancient capital, Edinburgh. A reputation as Scotland's premiere master silversmiths and luxury jewellers,  we secured the first gold of the Cononish Gold Mine in 2019; the only fine jeweller to do so and offer a luxurious collection of 22ct Scottish Gold rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Treasure from the heart of Scotland, the fine seam of gold is being delicately and ethically extracted beneath spectacular National Park scenery at the edge of The Trossachs National Park.

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Explore the Scottish Gold Collection

22ct Scottish Gold is exceptionally beautiful. Exuding warmth and lustre, it evokes a golden Scottish sunset, the amber glow of whisky and the radiant beauty of wild landscapes. This is a precious thread of heritage... a moment in history you can treasure.


Explore the beautiful collection of pendants, crafted from 22ct Scottish Gold, and featuring an array of precious gemstones for an added touch of luxury.

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The Scottish Gold bracelet collection has featured beautifully designed cuffs, suitable for timeless styles and those special occasions. View and enquire about our designs.

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Our 22ct Scottish Gold earring collection features classic drop designs, some of which can be adapted to your own personal style with detachable stones and charms. View the range.

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Rings in our Scottish Gold collection showcase the true essence of the metal’s heritage and high quality. Fall in love with a stunning design from our past and present range.

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Scottish Gold Sustainability

The Dragonfly Initiative works to help businesses sustainably access natural resources, precious metals and gemstones supply chains. Learn more about how our Scottish Gold is extracted in a way that serves and protects the beautiful Scottish highlands.

History of Scottish Gold

Scottish Gold has been used in jewellery for hundreds of years and has played a significant part in carving the country's culture. In the most recent chapter of its history, Hamilton & Inches are one of just two jewellers in the world with commercial access to the rare metal.


Cononish Gold Mine in Scotland [Con-oh-nish]

The Hamilton & Inches Scottish Gold Collection is created using gold that is sensitively derived from the Scotgold Cononish Gold Mine in Tyndrum, which lies in spectacular National Park territory in the Grampian Highlands. As the only commercial gold mine in Scotland, it boasts a Single Mine Origin Status as the Scottish Gold is all mined from the same location on the edge of Rannoch and is refined without coming into contact with any other gold.

The Hamilton & Inches Scottish Gold Collection is created using gold that is sensitively derived from the Scotgold Cononish Gold Mine in Tyndrum, which lies in spectacular National Park territory in the Grampian Highlands. As the only commercial gold mine in Scotland, it boasts a Single Mine Origin Status as the Scottish Gold is all mined from the same location on the edge of Rannoch and is refined without coming into contact with any other gold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Scottish Gold Jewellery

Before investing in a beautiful piece from our renowned Scottish Gold jewellery collection, customers often have some questions and queries in mind. Here, we have compiled our customers’ most frequently asked questions to help you along the way to finding your perfect piece. 

Where can Scottish gold be found?

Scottish gold can be found across Scotland in rivers and streams. However, the first commercial mine dedicated to the ethical extraction of the precious metal resides at Tyndrum. The Cononish mine, operated by ScotGold Resources, contains both gold and silver with estimates of 198,000oz of gold and 851,000oz of silver.

What is the history of Scottish Gold?

The Scots have long been known for their love of gold, with Iron Age “torcs” discovered in the Blair Drummond area dating from the Iron Ages. And whilst Royalty and people of note adorned themselves in the precious metal, it was in the 16th century that goldmining grew in importance. The Crawford Muir mine, in South Lanarkshire, had 300 miners working at its peak. During its time, over £65 million was extracted. Since then, there have been several discoveries of gold in Crawfordjohn, Wanlockhead, Fife, and Sutherland however the Cononish Mine is the first commercial mine of its kind.

Why is Scottish gold unique?

Scottish gold is unique because it is one of the rarest precious metals in the world. As our country has a unique blend of elements, so too does our gold – impacted by geology and composition. As a result, Scottish Gold exudes a warm amber glow.

Our collection offers the only 22 carat Scottish Gold jewellery in the world and can be identified by a unique trace element that only the Edinburgh Assay Office and the Cononish Gold Mine can identify. The quantity of gold from the mine is limited to 198,000oz meaning each nugget is incredibly valuable. The gold is also extracted ethically, with the utmost respect offered to the surroundings and its people. Scotgold Resources is committed to supporting local businesses and initiatives where economically possible, providing employment for local people and engaging regularly with the community. 

Does Scottish gold look different to yellow gold?

There is a noticeable difference between the colour of Scottish Gold compared to yellow gold, but this is mainly because the collection has been created using 22 carat Scottish Gold which is incredibly pure. It has a more orange hue to it, likened to whisky or amber.

What does 22 carat Scottish gold mean?

22 carat scottish gold means that the products are composed of 22 carats making them 91.6% pure. However, it must be mixed with pure copper and silver to help ensure the strength of the product. Each piece of Scottish Gold jewellery will be hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office to prove the amount of gold used.

How do I know my Scottish gold is authentic?

Hamilton & Inches work with The Dragonfly Initiative to ensure the route to market is transparent and the purity of the gold protected. Any Scottish Gold from the Cononish mine can, at no stage, mix with other gold. As a result, we have a series of strict procedures covering the storage, handling and use of Scottish Gold to ensure its integrity is retained. In addition, we work with the Edinburgh Assay Office who are able to identify a unique trace element within our pieces of Scottish Gold jewellery. It is then hallmarked to prove it contains 22 carat gold. When you purchase a piece of jewellery from the collection, you will also be presented with a certificate as assurance.

Are all your Scottish gold items hand-crafted?

Every piece of Scottish Gold jewellery is hand-crafted in the workshops of Hamilton & Inches above our showroom on George Street, Edinburgh. This ensures the safe storage and handling of Scottish Gold as, at all times, the precious metal must be kept in isolation from other materials.

The skill of our craftspeople results in items of exceptional beauty. The Premiere collection, created in 2019, showcases the very finest of modern-day craft, inspired by royal tales of our past.

Is the mining of Scottish gold ethical?

Scotgold Resources engage in a thorough corporate social responsibility programme helping align the needs of the local community, people and environment to business practises. From ensuring efficient and effective waste management systems are deployed to developing friendly ways of exploring the mines, each operation touchpoint is considered to ensure they are as ethical as possible.

How much is Scottish gold worth?

Scottish Gold will always retain a higher worth than yellow or other types of gold. This is largely due to the rarity of the precious metal, as well as the efforts and investments which go into ensuring it is mined ethically and kept separate from all other gold forms. Interestingly, the UK’s largest gold nugget was found in Scotland and was valued at £80,000. 

Is Scottish Gold the same as Welsh Gold?

There is a strong distinction between Scottish and Welsh Gold. The two types of gold get their names from the countries in which they can be found, and although they are both different in origin and purity, they are similar in scarcity. Scottish Gold is also known for its amber hue, whereas Welsh Gold tends to possess a tone that is more rose, due to the copper found alongside it in its natural reserves. 

Will the Scottish Gold collection be restocked?

Due to the rare nature of the precious type of metal, its availability for use in jewellery is scarce, meaning items in our Scottish Gold collection are limited and are not guaranteed to be restocked once sold. As well as this, in order to showcase the metal in its most beautiful light, we ensure an incredible amount of time and effort goes into handcrafting every piece. Although, this also ensures exceptional quality and one of a kind jewellery items that will be a welcomed addition to any fine collection. 

You can browse all past and present designs from our Scottish Gold collection online, and be sure to get in touch with our team of experts for any further detail about any of the pieces - we’d love to share their stories with you!