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History of Tudor watches

The Tudor watch brand dates back to 1926. It was founded in Switzerland by Hans Wilsdorf, who many watch enthusiasts may know as the visionary founder of Rolex. After having seen a gap in the market for affordable luxury timepieces, Wilsdorf set out to fill the space with the establishment of Tudor, a brand that would carry all the quality of a Rolex, but price models at a point which made them more attainable to the masses. 

Initially, to achieve a lower overhead that would allow such a discount, Tudor produced watches with off the shelf movements packaged inside the high quality cases of its sister brand, Rolex. Understandably, Tudor watches gained great popularity among watch lovers as well as those who had previously strayed from luxury timepieces due to the associated investment costs. 

Soon after, Tudor began producing tool watches, with models ranging from sophisticated dive watches right through to military standard timepieces that combined quality, performance and reliability with robust design. 

The launch of the Oyster Prince in 1952 was a particularly significant milestone. The launch was accompanied by a striking advertising campaign which aligned the Tudor and Rolex brands, in case there was ever any confusion of their link previously. The campaign made clear the exclusive use of the Rolex-quality case, as well as the unique capabilities of the new watch in terms of robustness, dependability and precision. 

Although these original Oyster Prince models have since been discontinued, watch enthusiasts can often get their hands on pre-owned pieces to add to their collection, as well as find many of these same qualities throughout the brand’s current range of diving watches. 

Over the years, Tudor has continued to innovate and redevelop its collection. One of the biggest shifts came in 2015 when the brand began producing its own in-house movements, which was first demonstrated in the Pelagos and North Flag models. 

The launch of the Black Bay range also welcomed a new wave of demand for the brand, which is continued to be seen today. Although models continue to be improved and developed, those that have carried the brand to where it is today remain equally as popular due to their rich history and symbolism.

Pre-owned Tudor men’s watches

At Hamilton & Inches, we often come across some of the finest second hand Tudor watches for men. Models have included renowned pieces from the brand’s best selling collections, as well as limited editions that are rarely found for sale elsewhere. 

As well as being highly sought after by collectors due to their contribution to the world of timekeeping, these watches are also regarded as great vintage luxury accessories. Thanks to the brand’s focus on robustness, quality and performance, you can be sure that many pre-owned pieces are still suitable for the modern day wearer. And for additional peace of mind, all second hand watches sold at Hamilton & Inches are examined, assessed and accurately valued by our team of experts.

Pre-owned Tudor ladies’ watches

Since its beginning, Tudor has been producing some exceptional watches for women. As well as showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality, performance and precision, the Tudor ladies’ watch collection also features models that are elegant, stylish and charming in design. 

Therefore, second hand Tudor watches for women are also readily available, with many models in our collection carrying their own piece of the brand’s history. Although the watches available are limited in stock and constantly changing, it is common to find special editions and sought after collectors pieces in our collection of pre-owned Tudor watches for ladies. 

Whether you’re after a particular model from one of the brand’s famous families, or are looking for a luxury vintage accessory to complement your unique style, our watch experts are always on hand to help with your needs.

Why buy pre-owned Tudor watches?

Pre-owned Tudor watches are a great choice for a number of reasons. As the brand has played such a significant role in the history of luxury timekeeping, many of its older models are highly sought after among collectors. As well as this, their luxury status and high quality composition means they also make great investments, with value and calibre remaining high no matter how much time passes. 

Their quality is also a reason for those with a vintage inspired style to purchase a second hand piece from the collection. But when investing in a pre-owned luxury watch, the reputation of the brand isn’t the only factor to take into consideration. In fact, every vintage timepiece is unique as the life it has lived will have impacted it differently. Therefore, when purchasing through a trusted retailer like Hamilton & Inches, you can be sure that all watches have undergone rigorous examination to ensure they are in pristine condition and are valued accurately.

We also offer a two year warranty with every second hand Tudor watch purchase, and an excellent after-sales care service, which is performed by our expert team of in-house watchmakers.

Top second hand Tudor watches

Throughout Tudor’s history, there have been a number of notable models that are now only available to purchase in second hand condition, as they were either limited in production or have since been discontinued. 

Prime examples include the coveted Oyster Prince, which enjoyed a successful reign throughout the mid 1900s. Under the Oyster Prince umbrella, there were various references released, all with different design cues and calibres. For instance the Tudor Oyster Prince ‘Tuxedo’ 7950 is a popular vintage model due to its unique look created by a black and white dial that likens the formal attire. 

The original Tudor Advisor from the 1950s is another sought after second hand model. The watch is the only one in the brand’s history to feature an alarm function, which is why it is popular among collectors. 

In more recent years, the Black Bay collection has piqued the interest of many watch enthusiasts due to the quality, performance and design of models in the range. Therefore, the brand often releases special edition Black Bat models marking milestones and significant partnerships that can often be found in our second hand Tudor watch collection for those who missed out upon initial launch. 

Other models that are commonly found in our collection of pre-owned Tudor watches include styles from the Glamour, Heritage, Pelagos, Royal and Clair de Rose ranges, among many more. 

For further information about our pre-owned Tudor watches, please do not hesitate to get in touch.