Our Workshops

The Workshops of Hamilton & Inches

Since moving to George Street in 1952, we have retained an interesting and well-kept secret...an expanse of traditional workshops are tucked into the upper storeys above our showroom. The workshops, originally part of the Georgian residence, were used for a variety of purposes over the years, before eventually becoming the hive of industry that they are today.

Our Workshops' History

During the 1920s the upper floors of the building were occupied by BBC Radio Scotland, then in its infancy. It appears that the first floor rooms, now our silversmiths’ workshop, were in use as a studio, with the office of the Station Director.  On the second floor,  which now houses our head office teams, were once a Public Office, Control Room, and a Band Room.  The third floor contained a Band Room at the rear, an Engineer’s Store and the office of the ‘Lady Organiser,’ and is now home to our wonderful jewellers and goldsmiths. It offers incredible views of Edinburgh Castle and the Firth of Forth.

The view of our city inspires me every day. If I could create something half as beautiful, I would think myself lucky.

Jenna Watson, Goldsmith