Andy Scott Anniversary Collaboration

Last night in New York, our Technical Manager Jon Hunt and Andy Scott, the artist behind The Kelpies, unveiled plans for a very special new collaborative artwork. The Game of Kings chess set will combine the spirit and majesty of the horse with the game of chess - immortalising it forever in finely detailed silver.

As Andy Scott opened a new exhibition at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) Wooster St campus in Soho, New York, it was announced that our distinctive 150-year-old workshops will skillfully hand cast each chess piece in sterling silver. When completed, each exquisitely realised piece will stand approximately 12” high (30cm). The full collection, which will only be fully realised upon commission, will be presented on a 6ft 6” by 6ft 6” (2mx2m) bespoke gaming table - designed and painstakingly handcrafted in the finest hardwoods and full-grain leather by acclaimed Scottish cabinetmakers, Method Studio.

We approached Andy Scott to work with them to mark our 150th year, given that both teams of craftsmen share such an understanding of and passion for traditional beauty. Scott, whose Kelpies sculptures in Falkirk, Scotland, have been visited by over 2 million people since their installation in 2014, will create a remarkable set of meticulously hand-sculpted chess figurines; each an equine celebration of the characters, moves and history of the game. Each chess piece, ranging in size from 10-15”, will be derived from the monumental head and neck composition of The Kelpies.

The eventual client will even have the opportunity to individualise key pieces, which can, upon request, be designed and sculpted in the likeness of the client’s own favourite horses or equine pursuits.

In addition to The Game of Kings unique collaborative artwork, Hamilton & Inches and Andy Scott are creating a range of intricate silver objets d’art, evolving from Scott’s original sketches and small-scale studies of the world-renowned Kelpies equine sculptures. The pieces from the exclusive Hamilton & Inches and Andy Scott Collection are available from our iconic Edinburgh showroom and workshops in Scotland from this summer, so pop in and see us for an introduction.