Discover the Magic of Festive Engagements

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting, and important, moments of your life and as such, it helps to spend a little (or a lot) of time preparing for that big moment. If you are thinking of popping the question sometime soon, it can start to feel a little daunting but don’t worry. Below, we offer five tips to help make your proposal one to never forget.

Pick the Perfect Ring

An engagement ring is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, so it is important to pick the perfect one. The colour and cut and clarity conversation that comes with engagement ring buying can often be overwhelming, but there are only a few things you need to find the right engagement ring for the one you love.

A finger size is not always essential. If you can find a ring your loved one wears now and again, bring it with you when you come to see us. But if that’s not an option, our team are on hand to help and have the ring you choose resized free of charge, so it fits perfectly.

Have an idea of the type of jewellery your soon-to-be spouse loves. Does she prefer understated or bold? Yellow gold or platinum? Has she mentioned a style of ring? A little research can go a long way.

Our hand-crafted Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection includes a range of solitaire and three stone engagement rings with matching wedding rings. Ask our showroom team to pair together some engagement and wedding ring options so you can see how they will look together.

If you want to explore a completely unique option, we can work with you and the one you love to create your ideal ring, crafted from the finest metals including our exclusive 22ct Scottish Gold. As a couple, you can design a completely bespoke ring that symbolises your love and the start of your journey together.

If you can’t visit us in person, we now offer video consultations that can be offered quickly and discreetly to ensure your bride to be doesn’t realise what is about to happen. Contact us to find out more.

Pick the Perfect Place

Forget what you have seen on TV. The perfect proposal doesn’t need to happen surrounded by dancers or on top of the Eiffel Tower. A festive proposal will already have a natural air of magic around it - your love is unique, and your proposal should be too.

At the moment, restrictions mean we can’t spend as much time with as many people, but it opens up new opportunities. Our country offers some beautiful landscapes, from the mountains and lochs of the Highlands to the rolling hills of the south.

Ultimately, you will want to pick a place that is meaningful to you both; perhaps somewhere you have always wanted to go, that holds a special memory or has a breath-taking view.

Capture the Moment

The smile on their face, the moment they say yes… many grooms are now choosing to covertly record the moment they pop the question. Whether looping in a helpful bystander to video the proposal, arranging a professional photographer or even an artist, it is so nice to be able to capture that special moment forever. If you opt for the professional version, your photographer or artist will work with you to tell a story and make sure they capture the proposal perfectly.

Take a Breath

Whenever you plan that big moment, make sure you take time before and after to enjoy it. Many newly engaged couples report of brain fog – where they are so excited, they often forget details of how and where it happened. After the obligatory round of phone calls to friends and family, many coupes are tempted to rush into wedding planning, to celebrate... all these wonderful moments will come but if you can, take sometime to enjoy the here and now of a life-changing event.

Share the Moment with Us

There is no better feeling than when a newly engaged couple come to visit us at Hamilton & Inches. We want to hear all about the proposal, to give you advice on how to care for the ring and, where necessary, have it resized free of charge to ensure it is the perfect fit. When you pick a ring from the hand-crafted Hamilton & Inches Engagement Collection, not only do you enjoy a free lifetime clean and polish service but have a unique chance to meet the jewellery team who designed and perfected each exceptional ring by hand. Enjoy a tour of our newly refurbished workshop, a chilled glass of champagne and enjoy the start of your life together.

To begin your festive love story, explore our online engagement offering or contact our expert team.