Discover the Magic of the H&I Silversmiths

When you read the word silversmith, what images conjure in your mind? Perhaps an older man covered in dust and soot, the squeal of metal, an ancient, and dying, craft...? Whilst the sounds, smells and dirt of silversmithing may remain the same, little else does.

Our team are a beautiful blend of masters and apprentices, a group of unassuming friends who, when put to task, create pieces of magic. They are incredibly diverse in age, in culture, in inspiration and technique but one thing unites them; they have crafted some of the finest pieces of silverware in the world.

Panos, David, Paul, George, and Ruth have over 57 years of silversmithing experience between them, in that time creating exceptional items for the worlds of rugby, football, whisky, education and more. They have crafted magical items for a celebrity author, jewellery for an international man of mystery and cherished pieces for a racing superstar. They have created candelabras and bookmarks and tumble cups and dinosaurs; each with their own unique style, all with absolute devotion.

How they entered their profession varies. David began his career with a little help from his mum. A then receptionist for Hamilton & Inches, she suggested he may like to enjoy some work experience in the polishing department. What started as a role carefully cleaning trophies for the Royal Highland Show quickly developed into a passion for creating some of the finest works of art. Whilst David had always had a talent for craft and design, his true abilities weren’t realised until he joined Hamilton & Inches, learning under Colin, Jon and Panos. The start of his career, his apprenticeship, was sponsored by the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh. This unique opportunity allowed his talents to develop. To this day, his work continues to awe customers and colleagues alike.

It was a family affair for Paul Kirkos who follows in the footsteps of his father, Master Chaser Panos Kirkos. A recent graduate of the H&I Academy, Paul joined the company following the support of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, both of whom have followed Paul’s journey with immense interest and pride. How does it feel to have his dad as his superior? “My dad is like a father to us all. We tackle everything as a team, the five of us are really like a family.”

Ruth is the newest trainee silversmith brings with her a 22-year-old outlook on life. As a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art, and recipient of the prestigious “Outstanding Student of the Year” award, she obtained a three-month work placement at Hamilton & Inches and never left. Whilst she may be the youngest silversmith, she is making a real impact with her exceptional jewellery collection creations including Luna, the soon to be released Ginkgo and more.

The final member of the silversmith team is George Douglas. An exceptional craftsman, he joined us for his work experience in 2014, immediately knowing it was where he wanted to work. In the final stages of his five-year apprenticeship as part of the H&I Academy, his passion for art, craft and design mean he continuously hits the stringent expectations set of him. He embodies a personality that is rarely found today; humble sincere and devoted to his craft.

That devotion is present in each silversmith; their items of jewellery and silverware crafted with unconditional love and passion. Their workshops harbour endless designs, trinkets, practise pieces and tools. Their world has a magic so unique, so full of heritage, that it is innately precious. That is something Hamilton & Inches are proud to protect.

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