Helping Protect our Most Precious Jewel


Sustainability is at the very heart of Hamilton & Inches. Our roots have been embedded in Scotland for over 154 years, we have been growing local talent, crafting future heirlooms and restoring precious items for the next generation. 

As Royal Warrant holders, sustainable practises are not only a choice but essential to our ethos. Each element of the company is regularly assessed, from gemstone sourcing to packaging to the social impact of our practises. Our aim has always been to give far more than we take. 

As part of our support for a sustainable Scotland, we have partnered with Trees for Life since 2015, a charity dedicated to the rewilding of the Scottish Highlands – revitalising the ancient Caledonian Forest allowing wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.

The landscape of Scotland has changed dramatically over the past 15,000 years since the last ice age and has accelerated at an alarming pace in the past one hundred years alone. Subject to human impact, the highlands used to be home to majestic acres of pine trees, wolves, lynx and grazing animals. As civilisation encroached, the effects of deforestation resulted in catastrophic consequences for the forest, with the last wolf  lost in 1743 and only 1% of wild forest remaining as of 1950.

Such an environment brings with it refuge for red squirrels, deer and obvious benefits to our climate and way of life. It allows for the growth of our much-loved Scottish pine, provides a haven for our wild animals and a refuge for endangered trees like aspen and mountain top willow.

The removal of one, or many, parts of an ecosystem causes untold damage to the world we live in, something civilisation has only recently realised. Although humans contributed to the loss of such a precious environment, we are essential to its future.

In that vein, we are proud to partner with Trees for Life who, since 1993, have done so much to restore our majestic forest.  Such efforts are already seeing a reduction in the impacts of climate change, the prevention of flooding and offering opportunities for people and our forest to live in mutual benefit to each other. 

In a bid to support our most precious of treasures, for every bag used within our business we donate 5p directly to Trees for Life, helping to replant our forest and restore the very heartbeat of our country.

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