Scholarship Stories From The Workshops

Rowena Hayter is a Jewellery and Silversmithing student at the Edinburgh College of Art. She recently spent 10 weeks as a scholar in the Hamilton & Inches workshops. We caught up with Rowena on her last day to chat about her time at 87 George Street.

Congratulations on completing your scholarship at Hamilton & Inches! What have you been up to?

“I have been working on trophies for the Royal Highland Show, pieces for the Andy Scott collaboration and Hamilton & Inches’ silver jewellery collections – all of which have been very exciting opportunities for me to practise and develop my skills.”

What do you love most about jewellery and silversmithing?

“My first job was in a bead and costume jewellery shop and it was there that I was inspired me to start making. I started creating pieces for shows and magazines and today it is still the making process that I love - when a piece is well-made it provokes a deep appreciation of the craftsmanship that has gone into it.”

What materials do you enjoy working with?

“Silver is my favourite material to work with as it is so versatile and testing its limits can be so much fun. I also love gemstones and their vast range of cuts and colours – I think this stems from my early bead and costume jewellery work!”

What have you gained from your time at H&I?

“The ability to work in a specialist environment, learn from expert craftsmen and create pieces in multiple quantities were all new experiences for me, and as a result both my technical skills and my confidence in them have improved.”

Hamilton & Inches was thrilled to have Rowena in the workshops for 10 weeks as part of her university studio time. The Hamilton & Inches Scholarship Programme is open to Jewellery and Silversmithing students enrolled at the University of Edinburgh. Each year two scholars receive a prize fund and a paid 10 week placement at Hamilton & Inches.

We were delighted to host The Edinburgh Sketcher for an afternoon during Rowena's placement, where he so skillfully captured Rowena at work.