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Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds have become synonymous with engagements since the twentieth century after the infamous ‘a diamond is forever’ slogan. However, today, the diamond is still iconic and high in demand for engagement rings because of its versatility, robustness, and exquisite beauty that remains unrivalled.


Why choose a diamond engagement ring?

Diamonds are associated with love, strength and health, making them an optimal choice for an engagement ring. Couples have long been choosing the diamond as their way to symbolise eternal love. 

The diamond can be cut in many different shapes and sizes, which allows it to be unique to each bride-to-be so you can find a diamond engagement ring that perfectly reflects your unique personality and individual love story. As well as possessing excellent clarity and brilliance, rest assured that your diamond engagement ring will remain valuable and offer glamour and allure like no other.

Our collection of diamond engagement rings

Here at Hamilton & Inches, we have a stunning selection of diamond engagement rings so that you can find the one you or your partner loves. 

For a ring with maximum impact, this brilliant-cut three stone diamond ring will be love at first sight. Lovingly handcrafted above our showroom on George Street, this diamond platinum ring boasts a series of spectacular GIA certified 0.80ct diamonds, totalling 2.40cts. Our exclusive setting showcases your perfectly selected diamond in a completely new way, giving light to its unique fire and brilliance as a symbol of your devotion, dedication, and love. 

Or for a sophisticated, traditional ring, this  brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring in 18ct yellow gold will remain a timeless classic. The round, brilliant-cut 1.0ct diamond is prominently displayed in a 4-claw scalloped setting. The smooth 18ct yellow gold band sits neatly on the finer for an elegant ring that celebrates a new chapter in your life.

Diamond engagement rings at Hamilton & Inches

At Hamilton & Inches, we take pride in our ability to offer exceptional service to our customers, whilst providing diamond engagement rings that are the best in quality and style. If you require any assistance in finding your white gold ring, we are at hand at all times to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch to talk through ideas and get advice from our expert team.