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Scottish Quaichs

Originating in the Western Highlands centuries ago, quaichs are the Scottish symbol of friendship. Mark milestones and celebrations by giving the unique gift of a traditional Scottish quaich, or treasure it yourself as a special keepsake.

About Scottish Quaichs

The quaich is a unique bowl that has been traditionally used in Scottish weddings to cement the union between the bride and groom, by having them drink whisky or brandy from this special vessel. Quaichs have since come to symbolise friendship and kinship and make for a meaningful gift for weddings, christenings, retirement celebrations, or as a token of affection.

Our Collection of Scottish Quaichs

Our collection holds sterling silver Scottish quaichs in a range of classic and contemporary designs. 

For the traditionalist, few quaichs can be as quintessentially Scottish as this handcrafted simple quaich in sterling silver. Offer this quaich as a memento of your love, or honour its beauty by displaying it amongst your kitchenware in a glass cabinet. 

Alternatively, this sterling silver 4’ stag handles quaich has an alluring detail. Handcrafted in our workshops, the stag handles nod to the quaich’s Scottish heritage, making it a beautiful centrepiece and a remarkable talking point in any room.

Discover our Scottish Quaichs collection today.