Why choose a round brilliant cut engagement ring?

The round brilliant cut was forged with the intention of creating a stone that would release maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation, and it was a success. The circular cut features 57 facets and the angle of each facet has been precisely calculated to reflect the most light to create a fiery display from even the smallest amount of movement.

The cut is defined as brilliant because it resembles two pyramids placed base to base, which enhances the stone’s sparkle with the least possible sacrifice in carat weight. Diamonds with a round brilliant cut most closely follow the natural contours of rough diamonds, which means less cutting is required to shape the stone, which also leads to less waste and larger carat weight. So, not only is the round brilliant cut going to give you maximum sparkle, but it will offer excellent value for money too.

The round brilliant cut defies ostentation and revels in simplicity, needing no fancy setting, which is why the round brilliant cut continues to be the most popular style for brides-to-be.

Our collection of round brilliant cut engagement rings

With a round brilliant cut engagement ring, there is something for every woman.

For example, this round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring is the ring of minimalist dreams. This solitaire ring focuses on the beauty of a single diamond. The 0.75ct round brilliant cut diamond is exceptional and is cradled by a 6-claw lotus setting on a sleek platinum band. The diamond is showcased and destined to sparkle with this combination, for an engagement ring that will cement your love.

For a traditional look, opt for this 18ct yellow gold engagement ring This round brilliant cut, 4 claw diamond solitaire engagement ring features diamond set shoulders in 18ct yellow gold and boasts a spectacular GIA certified 0.90ct diamond. This ring will suit all those who want to blend tradition and contemporary style, as the yellow gold oozes timeless sophistication, whilst the encrusted shoulders add a touch of modern-day glamour.

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