H&I Craft Academy

Our Partners

The H&I Craft Academy is supported by a number of prestigious Scottish businesses including the Edinburgh College of Art, the Scottish Goldsmiths Trust and more. Discover our partners below.

Edinburgh College of Art

We are proud of our long standing relationship with the Edinburgh College of Art, who Sir Robert Kirk Inches, our founder, was heavily involved with in the 1900s. Our academy has taken roots from our yearly internship with the college. Our most recent graduate is Ruth Page (pictured).

Scottish Goldsmiths Trust

The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust supports and promotes the education, art and craft of Scotland's gold and silversmithing heritage and trade. We are proud to work with them on a number of projects and of their support for the H&I Craft Academy.

Edinburgh Assay Office

The Edinburgh Assay Office is one of four which remain in the United Kingdom. They are responsible for the authentication and hallmarking of the precious metal and silverware items we create.

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h&i craft academy

Our Craftspeople

Discover the world of the Hamilton & Inches craftspeople

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our craftspeople