The Dragonfly Initiative

The Dragonfly Initiative work to help businesses sustainably access natural resources, precious metals and gemstones supply chains. From each touchpoint of the journey – from production through to retail – they help companies to act in an environmentally, socially and financially responsible way to both respect the precious nature of the materials and the area in which they are sourced from.

“The Assay Office has meticulously recorded each batch of poured gold, maintaining a rigorous chain of custody to assure the provenance of the finished precious metal product. The aim of these controls is to allow the Assay Office to guarantee that any gold product stamped with the Scotgold ‘Stag’s Head’ mark is made with authentic Scottish gold mined from Cononish mine by Scotgold Resources Ltd.  

The Edinburgh Assay has provided third party independent verification of gold content for the jewellery industry and consumers since 1457. We are delighted to have been asked to provide oversight to Scotgold’s chain of custody. Our involvement will allow consumers to buy in the confidence that the provenance of their Scottish gold has been independently verified.”

Scott Walter, Assay Master and CEO Edinburgh Assay Office